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Old 03-08-2001, 09:55 AM
AndyKemp AndyKemp is offline
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Location: Naperville, IL
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Massad Ayoob in Wisconsin, April 19-22

For those of you interested in defensive handgun training and the legalities of using deadly force, Massad Ayoob will be conducting his 40 hour LFI-1 class in Ripon, WI. the contact person there is Deputy David Maglio at [email protected]

I have pasted the text of the course description below.

Taught personally by Massad Ayoob, this 40 hour immersion course teaches the student not just how to shoot but when to shoot. More than the Police Academy, more than Law
School, from live fire defensive handgun techniques to lecture and video, Massad Ayoob gives you the skills to survive the street, then the courtroom.

Ayoob has authored numerous books and articles, including what has become the definitive text of judicious use of deadly force, “In the Gravest Extreme”. His work as an expert witness defending justifiable shootings allows him to translate first hand experience to the student. He is one of the first to win “four-gun Master” in IDPA. In addition to being a fully sworn, part-time police captain, he is nationally renowned as an instruction in firearms and threat management.

LFI-1 covers such topics as post-shooting trauma, interacting with witnesses, home defense, legal parameters and applications of the use of deadly force, threat management, and live range work designed to provide the student with techniques that work under the stress of a lethal encounter. All notes and video may become “discoverable evidence” in court, pointing to the graduates’ knowledge and justifying their actions. Live fire range work points to the graduates’ proficiency. The course is designed to make the student more responsible, acting to a higher standard, and courtroom defensible. No prerequisite. 500 rounds.
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Old 03-20-2001, 04:40 PM
Dolomite Dolomite is offline
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Fellow Wisconsinites,

I’d like to take a minute to give my unsolicited opinion regarding LFI training. I had the opportunity to take LFI’s Judicious Use of Deadly Force with Masaad Ayoob last December in Naperville, IL and LFI’s StressFire last June up in Ripon with Andy Kemp and Bob Houzenga. These two courses make up the lecture and shooting components of LFI-1. I would characterize the lecture portion as an illuminating, and sometimes disturbing, wake-up call - while the shooting portion was just a blast.

I was a little skeptical about the claim that the information in this course actually exceeds the training provided on the subject of the use of deadly force in the law schools and police academies. So in the middle of the second long day of the ‘Judicious Use’ lecture, I decided to ask a couple of lawyers and LEOs sitting around me about the veracity of that statement, each one I spoke with enthusiastically agreed. To say that Ayoob is an engaging and energetic speaker would be a huge understatement. Most of what he says can best be boiled down to common sense; but he puts it together in a way that WILL save your bacon if you ever have to employ deadly force in the defense of yourself or your loved ones.

What can I say about the StressFire portion? Most of the folks on the forum already know everything about operating a handgun right? To paraphrase The Clash: that is the wrong ‘em boyo. It has been said before regarding firearms training that if you don’t get the appropriate guidance you’ll just continue making the same mistakes over and over again – you won’t believe how true that is until you commit to getting some professional training. You’ll be getting a lot of excellent personalized instruction from the best around with this course. Just do the work - let it soak in, and you will come away with a greater feeling of safety and confidence.

I’ve earnestly recommended this course to all of my friends and family; it does indeed teach you to act with a higher standard of care and responsibility. That being said I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard fellow shooters say that the #1 reason they can’t/don’t get this type of training is the associated travel expenses. Well, with Masaad Ayoob coming to the badger state you’ve just run out of excuses (aina hey!?).

Finally, I’ve talked with one of the fellows that helped write the draft for the Personal Protection Act (WI CCW) and when concealed carry becomes a reality in Wisconsin there will be a shooting skill requirement to fulfill before a license can be issued. LFI handgun coursework will meet (and without doubt greatly exceed) that requirement. No to mention the fact that LFI-1 meets the prerequisite for Bob and Andy’s 1000+ round Advanced Handgun Skills course in Ripon coming up this June (see you there).

Wisconsin Trivia -
Q: What was Cudahy called before it was called Cudahy?

A: Cuda.

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Old 04-03-2001, 11:02 AM
buzz_knox buzz_knox is offline
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As a lawyer, let me confirm this. Law schools teach little about self-defense, except to mention that it exists, some of the elements, and, in some cases, to ridicule it. Self-defense is considered a privilege in most law schools, not a right.

I learned more from LFI-1 than I did in law school, working in a DA's office, and years of study on my own. Judicious Use is the consdensed version of Ayoob's experience and the experience of thousands of other cops, lawyers, students, etc. who have contributed to the course.
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