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Old 06-16-2013, 08:12 AM
Dr.Midnight Dr.Midnight is offline
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Colt Current Production Guns

When it comes to Colt 1911's, I'm still pretty green. I check out Colt's website on a regular basis, cruise various forums daily, and watch online auctions fairly often. Just when I think I have a good handle on Colt's current line up, something out of the blue pops up that I have never seen or heard about before. I've posted a link below as an example of something that has surprised me.

What has me curious, is this the way Colt normally operates? Do they introduce new offerings with little to no fanfare, or am I missing something somewhere?
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Old 06-16-2013, 08:30 AM
Turbo6ta Turbo6ta is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: SW Florida
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"New in box Colt Blue Stallion .38 Super Premier Edition Lew Horton Exclusive"

I am still trying to figure out who this guy they named the gun after is ... I don't think "Lou Horton" is famous for anything other than owning a gun distribution company.

He might be a lot like Talo: "Lew Horton is a large distributor and has a number of special edition guns made for them every year and S&W accommodates them with the volume they run. There are a number of these distributors so S&W makes a pretty substantial number of special runs annually- Lew Horton, TALO, Davidsons, etc. all do a few varieties".

I guess Colt does the same thing with Lew Horton Distributing as S&W does.
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Old 06-16-2013, 11:43 AM
dakota1911 dakota1911 is offline
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Colt should probably do what Ruger does on their web site and put distributor guns there also under a distributor link, so you don't have to dance all over, like to the Talo web site to see what Colts they are selling. Then again Ruger had their SR1911CMD in gunstores and was selling it before it was on their website or they announced they were making it.
NRA Life Member
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Old 06-16-2013, 12:16 PM
DPris DPris is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2005
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Lew Horton is a major distributor & that's a distributor special, meaning a limited run of a model with specific features contracted for by that distributor.

Not regular production, not in Colt's regular lineup.
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Old 06-16-2013, 06:25 PM
Col. Colt Col. Colt is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2000
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When I was still involved in firearms retail, the Lou Horton "specials" were quite popular variations, available only from the distributor that commissioned them.

There was a reason - the Distributor had to order (and Pay For) a minimum run of 400 guns, all shipped to him. So a Distributor could create his own Custom Colt Models, if he had enough money and thought his idea would sell.

Colt probably does not want to fork over any advertising money on models that they are not interested in making a standard catalog item, unlike the current Wiley Clapp guns. CC
Col. Colt

Certified Law Enforcement Trainer
Certified Glock, Colt and Remington LE Armorer
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Old 06-16-2013, 08:31 PM
USMM guy USMM guy is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2007
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It seems like these days.

Everything that is out there for sale is a special run. A lot of these gun manufacturer's have been doing this for years. The marketing gurus must have figured that they can sell more guns for more money doing it this way. I am not certain how much Colt has involved themselves with this practice. They really do not have any problem selling every gun that they make anyway. But Winchester/Browning,USRA which are really the same outfit. Remington/Marlin also the same out fit have been doing this for years. Smith and Wesson with their "Classic" series is onto this. I think that Sig is all over this practice as well.

Back to the original poster. For Colts, I would just try to figure out what you are looking for and then go and see if you can find one. Colt availability is often spotty in a given part of the country. They also do not make all of their guns at the same time. They will make a run of Government models and those wil go out and be available. Then they will make a run of Commanders, and they will be available for a while and so on. You can often make out well on used guns. But you have to know what you are looking at. Good luck.
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Old 06-17-2013, 05:09 AM
Gidge Gidge is offline
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 239
Colt do seem to be pretty slack when it comes to updating their website and keeping their distributors up to date.

They still haven't updated the image and specs on their website for the Gold Cup National Match. They've gone back to timber grips with medallions and front strap serrations. The Australian distributor only found out when the guns showed up like that.
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Old 06-17-2013, 11:46 AM
DPris DPris is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 2,636
Their website is usually...incomplete.
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