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Old 10-15-2012, 10:13 AM
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Ambi-Safety Options for Colt Mustang

I thought I would do a writeup on the two options I know about for the Colt Mustang when it comes to ambidextrous (ambi) safeties. I am aware of only two companies those being Cylinder and Slide (CS) and Customized Creationz (CC). I am a huge fan of 1911 style pistols but being a southpaw I have always been hindered by the original design flaw leaving us lefties out of the loop. There are endless options for the full size pistols but very limited when it comes to the compact and sup-compact pistols.
My first Mustang was an early production blued steel gun that needed some attention. I sent the gun to Cylinder and Slide for a tuneup, new trigger and ambi-safety. They even managed to find some other problems with the gun and returned a gun I could depend on for a reliable BUG. For several years I carried this pistol with not a single issue. Then I just happened to find a “deal” on a Mustang II Plus Lite with factory night sights. Kinda of a hard one to get in new condition. I contacted Cylinder and Slide, but unfortunately their mold broke and they just sold out of their last stock. CS still has the part in their catalog but I am note sure if they fixed the mold yet.
This was about the same time the Sig P238 came out. I found Customized Creationz was making an ambi for the P238 as an option from the Sig Custom Shop. I called them up and found it would work on the Colt with some fitting and grip modification. I found an extra pair of Mustang Plus grips so not to bugger up the nice pair and off the gun went. I swear I had that gun back in less than a week. Both companies were extremely easy to work with and very quick in their turn around time. Being in LE may expedite the turn around time.
As for the guns and safety performance, they both work and have their strengths and weaknesses. The CS safety is the easiest and quickest to manipulate on and off. The design however leaves the right side unsupported and prone to wear over an extended period of time. This is just like any other ambi not supported by the right grip. They will all flex and wear over time. The right side is pinned to the left side and all the weight and pressure of the high ride thumb style shooting is carried by this small pin. The CS design rides higher than the CC design which is better in my opinion. But the CC design does not require any grip modifications. The CS left side is fully supported, so if you just want the capability the right unsupported side might not be an issue at all. Still after 4 years the CS is working fine for me. The CS design is also more prone to snagging on clothing. I almost always carry my pistols in a holster so it has not been a major issue for me. Those who put these pistols in pockets etc (Not recommended), it might be a problem. Where the CS ambi shines is in its shooting comfort and ergonomics. I could shoot this little pistol all day long and it would not bother me with my thumb on the safety.
Taking a look at the CC ambi it has some good and bad things as well. I think the best part is the low profile and more inherit strength on the right side. This safety also pins the pieces together, but the CC is pinned on the left side. Both sides are fully supported by the grip panels and do not flex like the CS product. But again all the weight and pressure before being supported by the grip is carried by a little pin. It will wear over time, but this design seems to be more robust to me. The CC is not as easy or fast to manipulate as the CS design. The biggest issue I have with the CC design is its comfort factor when shooting. It has none. Because of its low profile and ergonomics it digs into my thumb when I shoot with the thumb over the safety (should be done with any 1911 safety in my opinion). If you shoot with the thumb off the safety the recoil with kick the safety up. So I have modified my thumb position to more along the side of the safety to keep it from kicking up and making the shooting more bearable. It shocked me how uncomfortable it was to shoot for such a little turd gun.
So what do I carry? The Mustang Plus II Lite with the CC designed safety. My reasons are multi-facetted. First this gun is lighter (which may contribute to the pain) and stainless. However, the CC design is less prone to snagging and seems to be a stronger design to me. It was a hard choice to make since the all steel gun will outshoot the lightweight any day of the week along with the comfort factor. But the gun’s weight, low snag profile, and strength won out. It is a BUG so if I have to use it I am not worried about a little pain.

Yes one of the pics is upside down, bear with me.


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