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Old 10-02-2009, 10:23 PM
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Trigger not always resetting--why?

Hello folks,
I just today took my newe-to-me TRS to the range. It is a slightly used pistol, and I may have figured out why it was traded in before any of the mags were even dirty. While I did manage to get 200 rounds through it, the trigger tied the gun up several times. At the first shot, the gun recoiled normally and the slide went into battery, but the trigger would not reset, even though the hammer was at full-cock. I thought I was not holding the grip safety tight enough, but after awhile it seemed that the trigger was hard to pull and causing me to jerk shots. Since I can normally coax a Master-class score out of a good 1911, I began to wonder. Does anyone know what size allen wrench to use to loosen up the trigger adjustment screw, and more importantly, which way would let me get the trigger to reset easier?
Thanks for your help!
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Old 10-02-2009, 11:03 PM
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it can be a host of things causing the trigger to stick.

1. trigger shoe or bow are not fitted correctly and binds up in the frame where it rides.

2. sear spring might be buggered up, check the center finger of the leaf spring.

3. sear spring and and disconnector interface.

4. disconnector and sear interface may be off. check to see if there may be a burr on the sear legs or maybe the top edge of the disconnector paddle that the sear rides on.

if you don't know what to look for take it to a smith.
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Old 10-02-2009, 11:06 PM
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The over travel screw controls how for back the trigger can travel after hopefully releasing the hammer. Turning it to the right will decrease over travel, you may well need more over travel, 1/16" Allen should be right. One of the values is that when you release the trigger it doesn't have to go very far forward to reset. Many like the feel of the hammer dropping as the trigger stops. Okay, all good. With everything, things can go wrong. One, the half cock often projects slightly more than it takes to drop the hammer and this is a problem, one the half cock notch can hit the sear tip and damage it or actually catch it before it drops all the way. So ideally and functionally the over travel screw must allow the trigger to come back far enough to drop the hammer and not allow the half cock notch to catch or nick the sear.

How I like to adjust the over travel screw is to remove the GS and flip the hammer strut up out of the way and slide the MSH back in, no pin needed. In this way you can hold the trigger back and swing the hammer and set the over travel screw and know that it is free and not catching. I adjust it in until I can feel it and then back it out.

Okay, that's the over travel, but you have a reset problem and wonder if you have enough pretravel and is there enough tension on the center leaf to reset reliably. Also the relief in the slide must be lined up for the disconnector to rise and reset when in battery. With the gun in front of you it can be hard to notice that the slide is stopping maybe only 1/16" from battery which would hamper reset.

What ever the problem it can/will be worked out.

Warning, do not remove any material from your pistol or any of it's parts if you do not know the result and it's consequences!
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