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Old 11-22-2006, 12:49 PM
Stealin Home Stealin Home is offline
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Colt Frontier Scout Revolver

A friend of mine has a Colt's Single Action- Frontier Scout Revolver- 22 Magnum 4 3/4" Barrel- s/n 1918**F and it's in the original box. Can anyone give him some information on this gun, When it was made and what's it worth.
He won't sell it said his Grandfather won it as a door prize many years ago.
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Old 11-22-2006, 01:46 PM
tinfinger tinfinger is offline
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Funny you should post this. I was examined my well-used Frontier Scout 22 yesterday (I bought it third or fourth hand, so I didn't put the wear on it) and thinking what a darn nice 22 single action it is.

I'll try to remember looking up some info on it when I get home; I have Wilkerson's book on Frontier Scouts, Peacemakers, and New Frontiers (all 22's).

Condition is important: is the revolver new in box? Does it have the original manual and warrantee card?

My guess offhand is that it was made around the mid-sixties. Mine is about 80,000 lower and was made in 1960. I seem to recall 1964 introduced the 22 WMR.

Unless the 22 WMR is low production at this time, it is probably worth a little less than a 22 LR -- most shooters will want a 22 LR. If it is low production 22 WMR, it would be worth more to a collector.

If it is mint in box, maybe around $400 to $500?
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Old 11-22-2006, 01:46 PM
LHB1 LHB1 is offline
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I purchased a Colt Single Action Frontier Scout Revolver new around 1960 in .22 LR with 4 3/4 inch barrel and blue finish. I think they were pretty new to the market then. Don't remember how many years they were made. Long ago replaced the little revolver with a S&W Combat Masterpiece but for some reason still have the original Colt box. Have no idea on current value of a Frontier Scout. Just go shoot it and have fun!

Good shooting and be safe.
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Old 11-22-2006, 03:14 PM
tinfinger tinfinger is offline
Join Date: Mar 2003
Posts: 179
First of Year Serial Numbers for frames (not assembled revolvers):

1965 -- 181750F
1966 -- 193250F

Wilkerson warns that Colt didn't always assemble frames into guns in the same year the frame was made, but your friend's revolver was probably made in 1965.

I was wrong, 22 WMR started shipping in 1959. However, dual-cylinder (22LR and 22 WMR) Frontier Scouts didn't start shipping until 1964.

Production of 22 WMR only Frontier Scouts stopped in 1968.

If the revolver has wood stocks instead of checkered plastic, that would be more rare. 18,867 22 WRM, 4 3/4" barrelled Frontier Scouts were shipped with checkered plastic stocks; only 2,017 were shipped with wood stocks. However, many people bought aftermarket Colt wood stocks; a factory letter is recommended to determine if a wood stocked Frontier Scout was shipped that way from the factory.

The cylinder of a single caliber Frontier Scout made after 1964 may or may not be marked with the caliber (22 MAG in this case).

The barrel should be marked 22 Magnum and have a heavily rounded crown. It is possible but unlikely to be so marked and have a flat 22 LR style crown. Should it, it may be more collectible.

Actually only 570 4 3/4" 22 Mag Frontier Scouts were made in 1965. The only other lower yearly production was 1968 when 257 were made. Wilkerson's book indicates no wood stocked 4 3/4" 22 Mags were made in 1965 with wood stocks. A factory letter would probably be required to be absolutely certain the revolver was made in 1965. Unfortunately, Colt letters are expensive and may equal or exceed the increase in value due to rarity.

There are probably Colt collector societies that could provide better guidance. Good luck!

Don Wilkerson's book is "Scouts, Peacemakers, and New Frontiers in 22 Caliber" and it is pretty good.
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