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Old 12-27-2019, 04:14 AM
Combat Diver Combat Diver is offline
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Supply NC/Afghanistan
Age: 55
Posts: 571
Originally Posted by shooter59 View Post
Not anymore......
Mine is loaded (Mk44 7.62mm Minigun on John Deere Gator)

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De Oppresso Liber

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Old 12-27-2019, 12:54 PM
USMM guy USMM guy is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Rural VA
Posts: 22,251
Let me guess.

Originally Posted by Combat Diver View Post
Mine is loaded (Mk44 7.62mm Minigun on John Deere Gator)

Pesky raccoons getting in the trash again?
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Old 01-05-2020, 09:09 PM
Crazy Dave Crazy Dave is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 9
If I'm working around the outside i either have my .45 in a Super tuc or else wife's 442 in my back pocket.
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Old 01-06-2020, 03:29 PM
jmorris jmorris is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 2,758
Yep, always at least have a pistol on me.
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Old 03-01-2020, 12:21 AM
fastreb fastreb is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
Posts: 68
You don't necessarily have to live in a "bad" area for bad things to happen there. It seems like every few years here in the Memphis area there will be a news story concerning someone being mauled to death by a pack of feral dogs. The last one I remember was of an elderly man who had walked to the local store for his wife and was attacked on his journey home. Throw in the fact that thugs go where the money is and you could easily find yourself being confronted in your own yard by an unexpected and nasty surprise. I actually live in a small town about 15 miles outside of Memphis, so crime is still very low around here. However, low doesn't mean no crime. There have been several instances of people having items taken from their garage while they had it open, among other crimes. So, if I'm outside, there is always some type of firearm with me. If I'm inside, you wouldn't want to kick open one of my doors to find out.
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Old 04-05-2020, 08:56 AM
DPS1911A1 DPS1911A1 is offline
Join Date: May 2018
Location: Texas
Posts: 182
No. I have it close by where I can get to it easily. The same when replacing brake pads on my car. It was well within reach under a shop rag.
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Old 04-05-2020, 11:25 AM
warbird1 warbird1 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Heart of Dixie
Posts: 127
Always. Kimber Micro 9.
If I want it...I need it.
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Old 04-05-2020, 11:54 AM
OZ 1911 OZ 1911 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Las Vegas Nevada (previously Bris Aust)
Posts: 796
Originally Posted by OZ 1911 View Post
Yep - went to the dark side, when I get up I pocket a Glock 42 .380.

Update now home pocket S/A Hellcat
"The pistol, learn it well, carry it always..." ~ Jeff Cooper
The thorn defends the rose, yet it is peaceful and does not seek conflict.

NRA - Life Member
NRA - LE Instructor. Member IALEFI
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Old 04-05-2020, 01:19 PM
drail drail is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 15,226
I do and several times I have seen a car load of gangbangers drive by while looking hard at my property and in my garage and the look on their faces when they see me openly wearing an N frame S&W revolver while working on a mower or vehicle is just priceless. I like to stop working and give them "the look". They stand on the throttle and never come back. Priceless......

Last edited by drail; 04-05-2020 at 01:23 PM.
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Old 04-10-2020, 05:04 PM
Darkside124 Darkside124 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
Posts: 63
Dude I carry going out to get the mail.

Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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Old 04-10-2020, 11:50 PM
ambidextrous1 ambidextrous1 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: El Paso, Texas
Age: 88
Posts: 1,689
With hundreds of thousands of people currently unemployed, with little hope for immediate recovery, we should all rethink this issue.

I'm 88, and no match for any two (or even one!) predators, so I am armed when answering the door, and when outside, even if it's to get to the car.

Being armed is good life insurance; and Situational Awareness is an important rider on that policy.

There's more than one reason why strangers should stay more than six feet from me...
Rich (in name only)
Member, Fort Bliss Rod & Gun Club
Benefactor Member, NRA
Well, yes, I have a few guns...
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