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Old 03-06-2014, 05:29 PM
Lawraven22 Lawraven22 is offline
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Hopefully, maximus arms will get more of their pistols out into the wild soon.
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Old 11-03-2019, 06:24 AM
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It's been a while, so first let me offer an apology and a thank you to CWarner and Bob Rodgers. You gentlemen hit the nail on the head when reviewing facts about Maximus Arms Quality fit and finish.
I was impressed with the build quality of the custom 1911's that Tony Bellione of Armidillo Arms (sister Co.) was producing. So when they pitched their idea of a production 1911, I became an early investor in Maximus Arms. I wanted to believe they could accomplish exactly what they were telling me and other investors.
Tony Stated that he had made over 80 improvements to the original design. He was striving to mass produce a pre melted 1911., with 100% drop in parts. (red flag should have gone up right there) Most of the improvements were cosmetic. I was encouraged by their goals.
One thing CWarner said kept ringing in my ears."A cast slide is a proven bad idea" Mr. Warner you are correct, and now I completely agree. I enjoy the shooting sports and am an avid shooter. I started noticing little things not functioning properly at around 500 round. By the 1000th round it felt like there was sand between the slide and frame. It had noticeably friction when racking a shell into the chamber. I could not get through one magizine without a stove pipe or misfeed. I brought the gun into Maximus after a frustrating weekend at the range to have it looked at and repaired. I told them that if I was going to a gun fight and this was my only gun I would bring a knife. I said take it out and give it a run through, you will feel the same. About a week later theysaid the gun was ready. When I was there to pick it up a Tn Highway Patrol Officer was there and asked if I would sell him my gun or trade for another one. My gun was nicknamed the Homoside gun as the serial No. is #000187. I should have sold it right then, because 500 rounds later the POS wouldn't shoot even 4 rounds consecutively. Good intentions dont alway turn into good results.
The Partner that owned the foundry, announced that he had changed his mind about being a partner and sent Maximus an Invoice for $150K in blueprinting cad work and castings. I think Ted the foundry owner had plans from the start to highjack the company. He knew that they had limited funds.
No one but Me knew about the problems with the gun, because no one else had put it through Its passes. Law suits followed, Attourny's fees followed, then problems started showing up from other customers. It turned into a downward spiral to bankruptcy. The last communication I had with them was June 2016. when I inquired about a fellow investors concerns. You see I talked a friend into investing.
Maximus was to present us with a prototype 1911 for being investors, My friend Mr. Butler bought one for a gift, figuring he had one coming and I bought one because I wanted to shoot it A LOT. I told Mr Butler the worst that could happen was that we would wind up with a $10000.00 prototype. Well, guess what, I never heard another word from Steve White, Tony Bellione. We also never got the promised Prototype.
I felt the need to live up to my word with Mr. Butler. After spending another $600.00 in gunsmithing charges. I gave him Serial#000187 as his $10000.00 prototype, because that was all he would be getting.
For those of you that bought a Gladiator with the Damascus slide should have an excellent gun, as they were machined from Billet steel, and fitted to the frame. Those will be great. For those of you that bought one with a cast slide, run dont walk, to your next gun show and get rid f that POS before you shoot it very much.
I regret that I have very little good to say about the gun. Mostly regret that I wasn't a better judge of a mans charicter, as Tony and Steve so far are not men of their word.
for these comments I will not hide behind a log in name.
James C Fleming
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