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Old 03-24-2001, 12:53 PM
mikfla mikfla is offline
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Kimber Ultra stainless Report, Long and not for the timmid.

After waiting over a month the gun finnaly was here last thursday for pickup, not cheap my gunshop was selling it for 869 and they took 100 off that price when I expressed my concern that if the gun did not get here now I would buy something else! I was told it only took a few days to get it in.

4 types of ammo was used on the gun

100 rounds of 230 grain winchester win clean with the brass shell over the bullet think it was called beb

50 rounds of rem UMC 230 grain ball

20 rounds of 165 grain federal hydrashock

6 rounds of 230 grain lead round nose

total rounds fired was 176 rounds of ammo

gun was feild striped and cleaned before i took it to the range and when i returned it was field striped and cleaned and checked for signs of wear, none was found as it should not be with just under 200 rounds threw gun.

magazines used

the stock 7 round mag that came with the gun I am still waiting on the 2 kimber mags I ordered for the gun.

accuracy test was not made because i am on call and i wanted to put the rounds threw and leave incase i had to go on a a/c call, targets where shot at 15 yards away and there was a 4" black circle I put about half in the circle and the rest just outside the circle, all off hand shots at a rapid pace so i could get out of there.

the gun had no failures what soever and the slide racked back always on the last shot, functioned perfectly on all ammo, the gun was shot 1 handed and 2 handed with a loose grip and a tight grip, no hicups.

basicaly the gun was fired as fast as i could load the single mag and shoot again and if i did that with my md 22 glock i would have had all in the 4" circle in the black, on the kimber if i took my time and looked threw the sights for a longer period of time the bullets would go in the black.

my eyesight at 43 is no longer great and i use peep sights or a scope on my rifles iron sights no longer work well for me, in my 30's iron sights where all i needed but they don't get it anymore.

I feel that the sights that come on the Kimber pretty much su*k and the 3 white dot glock sights are much easier to see and put on the target in short order.

the gun will be one of my carry guns and sights are not a big concern for me on that gun but for others it might be and that is why i mentioned it, if you are young and have good eyesight you might love the sights if you are older with poor eyesight you will not be pleased with the sights.

purpose of the gun IMO anyway is for a light carry gun for fast handeling and to get you out of trouble as a last ditch effort, for law enforcement people i would opt for a full size gun with better sights.

gun should hold up well shooting 3 to 500 rounds a year threw it, if you want a competion gun I would opt for a metal frame I do not feel that allumium would be a good choice for that.

also in my tests i loaded at least 7 mags to full capacity for my tests but when i carry i will load one less in the magazine, when i was a kid in the infantry i was taught to load 2 rounds less in the m-16 and I have always never loaded mags to full capacity my glock holds 10 and i only load 8 and the kimber holds 7 and i will load only 6 if you need more you screwed up and should have not gotten in to that situation in the first place, leave the high capacity mags to LEO where they might have to be in a gun fight, for the avearage self defense 2 shots it is over you either win or loose, if you need more bullets then i guess you are agaisnt 3 or more people and your odds of winning are agaisnt you anyway unless your wyat earp.



light weight
good feel in your hands and good trigger
recoil is tame for a light gun which will allow you to keep muzzle on target.


take down tool is a joke, i have only had the gun 3 days and lost it twice already, gun should not need a take down tool for disassembly.

sights are poor.

only comes with one magazine.

would i buy another one, YES.

this is the first 1911 i have owned, I shot one in the service for 3 1/2 years and i shot a few colts threw the years, so yes i have experience with the 1911 style of gun.
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