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Old 07-17-2020, 09:26 PM
DRM813 DRM813 is offline
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loading 20 round magazines to 21 rounds

I have about fifteen 20 round magazines for my Staccato P. I know that they are supposed to be 20 round magazines but every one will hold 21 rounds.

I have loaded the extra round at range sessions and have not had any failures. Considering the history of fussy magazines for STI, have any of you loaded the extra round in your magazines continually? Any failures?

I ask as my magazines are carried on duty and a failure could be catastrophic.
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Old 07-17-2020, 10:03 PM
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Tom Freeman Tom Freeman is offline
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It does put a lot of stress on the spring. Replace your mag springs often and it shouldnt be a factor.

I rarely load my 2011 mags to max capacity. Usually 1 or 2 down. When loaded up to max, seating mags when reloading can cause issues getting the mag fully seated.
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Old 07-18-2020, 06:17 AM
drail drail is offline
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If you are carrying these magazines on duty I would download by one round - NEVER overload by one round. Your life may very well depend on the temper in that spring. Treat it well.
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Old 07-18-2020, 05:58 PM
Rwehavinfunyet Rwehavinfunyet is offline
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STI 2011 (Stacatto P) and 20 round mags....

Unless the STI 20 round mags have changed, it is a 140mm mag length.

I only use 140mm mags for competition shooting, and for EDC in my various STI 2011 guns, I use flush fit 126mm mags that hold 17 rounds.

My EDC is an STI 2011 Commander in .38 super. I load 16+1 rounds in the gun, and carry one 126mm mag with 16 rounds on my opposite hip. I could add a 17th round, but it is a little tight, so I would rather use 16 rounds in my spare mag. Even so, carrying 32 rounds of hot loaded .38 super JHP ammo should be more than enough for a self defense scenario.....
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Old 07-19-2020, 08:54 AM
Ytown1911 Ytown1911 is offline
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I have loaded all of mine to +1 and had no failures in firing.

However, a short time ago I noticed my ejector became loose and had excessive peening on the extended portion. STI took care of me, but upon doing some self-testing and eval I noticed that the +1 loaded mags brought that extra round up JUST HIGH ENOUGH to touch the ejector more than the recommended load did.

I would suggest to check your own pistol & mags, of course.
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