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Old 03-10-2001, 01:24 AM
Double Naught Spy Double Naught Spy is offline
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Full-size CQB 1070 round range report

I ordered a CQB from Wilson and was told there would be a six month wait. There time estimate was accurate and while the gun was ready a little early, it actually was in hand by the six month limit.

I don't like OD green, so I ordered the gun to be in all black Armor-Tuff. I ordered the gun with an ambi safety. On the advice received from people in 1911Forum, changed the hammer to the 337B hammer (not 455B that comes with the gun) and changed to the Deluxe 314-A-2 sear (instead of 314C). I also added the slightly extended 31T Tactical Mag release in place of the standard one. I added Chip McCormick thin grips since I like the thinner profile and the fact that Wilson does not make thin grips that will accept the ambi safety.

In the first 1070 rounds, I have had four hiccups with ammo, all relating to bullets not going fully into battery. Two times were in the first 500 rounds and two were the first rounds of mags inserted during a combat reload. Since I was not shooting any of the suggested ammo for the CQB, I don't blame the gun. The last two may have been my fault for not getting the rounds seated properly in the mags. I have also had three failures for the slide to lock back after the last round, all on Chip McCormick 10 round mags. Since the gun was fired with the shokbuff in place, I am inclined to believe it was probably an issue with the shokbuff or a combination of the shokbuff and magazine.

The gun shoots great. Everything was well fitted. The trigger pull is very crisp with virtually no over-travel, but there is some creep.

I was not sure I would like the combat pyramid sights with the tritium inserts. The sights have turned out to be great for me and the inserts burn very brightly compared to MMC's inserts.

I really like the 30 lpi checkering on the front strap and main spring housing. Also, the checkering does not go to the bottom of the housing and that bottom/read edge is smooth and rounded. Unlike on my Kimber with 20 lpi checkering on the main spring housing that extends all the way down to the bottom/read edge, the bottom/rear edge on the CQB has not snagged any clothing thus far.

The biggest single issue I have with the gun is the Armor-Tuff finish is not terribly tough. I practice holster drills (dry firing at home, live at the range) and I already have a good bit of wear on the muzzle end with bare metal exposed. A few new wear patches are occurring as well. I contacted Wilson and they said this was normal, although one would not get that impression from reading Wilson's claims about Armor-Tuff. My Kimber's Kimpro coating still looks like new even though I carried it for the majority of 2000 and did a lot of holster work.

Aside from the muzzle wear, there is coating missed from around the rear edge of the ejection port.

Shooting the gun has been great. It handles very well and shots go where intended very easily. The gun shoots a little high in distances less than 15 yards which is the longest distance I have attempted with it.

With the crisp trigger, double taps are easy to accomplish in a quick and controlled manner.

I liked the Wilson grease that was on the gun when I got it. Wilson suggests not fieldstripping and cleaning until after the first 500 rounds have been put through it. The gun did not run dry of lubrication in that time and so the grease seems to be a good way to lube it.

As far as customer service, buyers are supposed to get several freebie items after they fill out a survey form and mail it back to Wilson. My extras have not come yet because a couple of the items are on back order and Wilson won't ship just part of the extra stuff that would necessitate doing two mailings to fill the order.

The two videos I received with the gun were informative, but also sound a little like an infomercial since of course Bill Wilson is talking about Wilson guns. He gives good times on maintenance, cleaning, and relubing.

As a final comment, there were some good outcomes of the six month wait. First of all, it allowed me enough time to save up and pay for it when it was ready. The delay also gave me time to add the changed parts noted above long before they had started building my gun.
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Old 03-10-2001, 01:49 AM
traevin traevin is offline
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Sounds like you got a good one (aren't they all). Wait till you run a case through the CQB, then you'll have a gun you can bet your life on. As far as the Armor-Tuff premature wear, join the crowd. Guess nothing in this life is completely perfect.
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Old 03-10-2001, 07:14 AM
JohnnyO JohnnyO is offline
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Brian, Good to hear you got and like your CQB. It is a great gun. I've only got about 600 rds through mine, but no bobbles yet.

BTW, I thought you were getting the compact model.
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Old 03-10-2001, 07:46 AM
ArmySon ArmySon is offline
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Moving to the Range Report Forum.
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