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Old 03-30-2010, 04:43 PM
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"real world" test for tactical ultraii

I was thinking a while back about the way I shoot my weapons. Most of the time it is a planned thing. Usually when I choose to shoot, the weather is fair. Everything is organized and clean. I am calm and focused on the task at hand. And the pace is very controlled. I realize that from a saftey and score perspective, all of these optimum conditions are great. But for the purpose of cocealed carry and something terrible happening causing me to have to use my weapon (God forbid), I would have no control over the conditions, or my general mood, or anything else. I very seriously doubt if I would have time to check my weapon. So this was the plan. I picked a date on the calender at least one month ahead. I planned this on Feb. 9th,2010 , and the date I picked for the test was 3-29-10. The plan was this. On 2-9-10, I would load 13 8 round magazines make sure my tactical ultra was fully loaded(8+1) which is how I carry it.Then I vowed not to shoot, clean or anything other than carry my carry gun or any of those magazines until 3-29-10. On the morning of 3-29-10 I would go out to my range and set up (5) 1 gallon water jugs at various distances from 5-25ft. I would also place two silhouette targets on my target blocks (one at eye level the other lower and behind cover). Then i would go to work, my tactical ultra II on my side as usaul. Then after work, whatever time that was daylight or dark, (I own my own buisiness so you never know from one day to the next how the day will go),no matter what the weather conditions or how stressful my day was or anything else that I had no control over. I would come home get out of my vehicle and walk to the range with the 13 mags in tow. As I approached the range, I would draw from cover and shoot until all targets were reasonably down. Then at that point I would shoot the rest of the loaded ammo until all 13 mags and the weapon was empty, or until the weapon failed. I figured that coming home from a day at work with no control over the enviroment and having to go from normal to having to immediatley using my weapon no matter how good or bad I felt, no matter what the weather was diong, no matter what temp. or time of day or night, would be a more "real world" type of situation. And yes I know that i will not likely shoot 113 rounds in a defensive situation, nor do i normally carry 13 magazines. The purpose for this was to test the weapons reliability after it had been carried everyday for almost 2 months in real world daily activities without being pampered and cleaned. I will tell you that this is the dirtiest I have ever let any of my weapons get. Also I want to be clear on something. I still shot an average of two to three times per week, just not that weapon or any of those magazines. End result, I did not shoot all that good, however the weapon performed flawlessly as always. No failures of any kind. Kind of a confidence booster.
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Old 03-30-2010, 09:39 PM
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Good deal . I also have a Tactical Ultra II that I use for my EDC. Over 4 yrs now without an issue. I have to qualifity with it as my off duty carry every 3 months and it never fails to perform no matter what drills we have to do. Shooting over, under, around cover. Strong handed, weak handed what ever it always goes bang. I too have complete confidence in mine.
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