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Old 08-13-2015, 07:17 AM
Jimsea Jimsea is offline
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I'll take a closer look at it. I may give it shot. I think the OEM DW guide rod may in fact be an EGW.
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Old 12-20-2015, 07:47 AM
canrunin canrunin is offline
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Originally Posted by remanaz View Post
Wilson won't make 1/4" flat wire guide rods in GI length for guns less than 5" barrel length.

EGW makes kits for commanders but only in full length.
I was wondering why Wilson wont make a !/4" guide rod for a commander?
i took one and cut it down to the length of a commander guide rod and put the flat recoil spring they say will fit in a 4" (which was to long for my 4")and it has been working fine.
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Old 12-20-2015, 10:37 AM
WilsonCombatRep WilsonCombatRep is offline
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Originally Posted by Jimsea View Post
Well, for anyone following this thread everything I ordered came UPS today........the Nighthawk Bob Marvel flatwire recoil spring kit advertised for a commander length slide, the Wilson 4" flatwire kit, a 25p recoil spring plug, various individual flatwire springs of varying weights, and a set of Black/gray Wilson G-mascus govt (non-bobtail) grips.

And on top of that my T-4 also emerged off the back of the UPS truck as well after getting a one piece rounded butt magwell installed. It was like a kid at Christmas........I didn't know which package to open and fondle first.

As you have guessed the T4 was fondled first and it is way beyond what I expected. The fit in the hand is really nice with that magwell.

Since the NH Bob Marvel flatwire kit was in the same bag I tried to pop that into one of my DW commanders. Several things.......my slide is setup so the recoil spring plug will only come out the front of the slide meaning the paper clip takedown is a no go. The provided NH recoil plug is not for a thick barrel bushing, and last but not least the guide rod head is oversized and will not drop into the slide. It hits both sides of the rail and binds up when you push it down. So, that is too much work to get that right. It's going back.

Next, I whipped out the Wilson 4" flatwire kit which is touted as a drop-in unit. First I noticed the 25p recoil plug (at least the one I got) is for a standard diameter guide rod, not the .250 guide rod needed to run flatwire springs. So, I tried installing it with the NH plug which is the proper diameter. First thing I noticed was the Wilson guide rod head is quite a bit smaller than the OEM DW guide rod head. It was a little loose instead of the snug/precise fit of the DW. After I got it all together, because the Wilson guide rod is little shorter than a standard commander FLGR the end of the Wilson guide rod did not extend into to the .250 opening of the open end plug. When I tried to cycle the slide the tip of the guide rod would hang-up as it tried to pass into the .250 opening. That's not going to work for me either.

It looks like T4 will be my only flatwire 1911. The Wilson and Wessons all run perfectly with the traditional springs. Looks like I will leave them alone and change out springs more often.

The other positive today was cutting down (bobbing) the standard Wilson G-mascus grips. They are not available for a bobtail. Making a bobtailed version out of the standard grips was a breeze. The G-10 was supper easy to work with......30 minute job and they look like they were ordered that way.

Anyone considering a flatwire spring kit conversion.........hope these posts help you with your decisions.
If you use our .250" rod with the 25P plug it works fine.
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Sure! I would be happy to Google that for you!
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