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Old 04-15-2018, 03:28 PM
Glenn-SC Glenn-SC is offline
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Originally Posted by log man View Post
This condition existed from the first day, but was never detected as the grip safety had always been compressed far enough to both allow the trigger to be pulled and released the firing pin block.
So, you are saying that there is no issue if the grip safety is properly compressed?
Fix done!
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Old 04-15-2018, 03:37 PM
log man log man is offline
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Originally Posted by Glenn-SC View Post
So, you are saying that there is no issue if the grip safety is properly compressed?
Fix done!
No, that is Kimber's answer. I tune them so that if the grip safety is compressed just enough to pull the trigger and drop the hammer the firing pin block is clear.

To test you simply slide cock the hammer, while holding the grip safety in and trigger back. Now release the pressure on the grip safety while maintaining the trigger back and check if the firing pin is free to move forward. Doing this then shows the block is in time with the grip safety allowing the trigger to move freely.

Warning, do not remove any material from your pistol or any of it's parts if you do not know the result and it's consequences! gun....gun dangerous...Email: [email protected]

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Old 09-08-2018, 01:05 AM
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Gun: Kimber Custom Royal, first year production with Yonkers rollmark

My firing pin retaining plate slipped out of position while shooting. The gun just stopped with the slide out of battery. Turned the gun over and you could see the plate had some how slipped past the firing pin. I pressed the plate into it's seat, and the firing pin snapped into place. Continued shooting with no problems.

The Cause: Not sure, but there was way too much oil present, and my firing pin spring had about 2-3 thousand rounds on it. The firing pin retaining plate was a series 80 type which is not fit as snug or have quite the contact area as my Ed brown plate.

The Fix: Just a drop of oil on the firing pin and it's spring. I now keep the retaining plate area dry. I do not use oil on the retaining plate at all. I replace firing pin springs at about 1,500 rounds now. I don't know why Kimber used a series 80 firing pin and retaining plate because the gun is series 70t#ype.
This happened one time, in 1996. Still using the same retaining plate.
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Old 09-08-2018, 01:49 AM
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Join Date: Mar 2018
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Kimber Custom Royal first year Yonkers rollmark

Problem: Plunger tube loosened from frame.

The Fix: removed plunger tube from frame, filed a tiny burr off the flat side of the tube. Cleaned the plunger tube backside, posts, and plunger tube holes with alcohol. Mounted the tube back to the frame with red locktite. lubricate frame surfaces lightly as soon as you can, because alcohol is very corrosive.

The Cause: The cause is the manner in which the plunger tube is mounted on many 1911's. Kimber used locktite on mine, but there was a burr on the backside of the tube. This burr prevented the tube from laying flat on the frame. Every time I used the safety or slide lock, some of the force would lift a corner of the plunger tube away from the frame. The tube finally came loose. If the tube had been crimped to the frame the fit would have been much better.

This didn't cause a malfunction, I caught the problem during inspection.

Make sure you grips have enough material to retain your plunger tube if the tube loosens from the frame.

I purchased the gun new some 20 years ago. The tube loosened one time. It has stayed put and worked perfectly now for about 15 years. I will get the tube properly crimped as soon as I can!
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Old 03-19-2019, 07:07 PM
CitizenT CitizenT is offline
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From above... "Even after 550 rounds, the failure rate was 28%. While it was improving, it remained problematic enough that I could not use it for concealed carry. This time, I broke out the brightest light I owned, grabbed a magnifying lens and looked into my oxide!"

I can't fathom getting a new to me weapon and not doing a basic maintenance and cleaning BEFORE I fire it once, much less 550 times continuously faulting? I just don't get it, I'm sorry.
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