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Old 02-12-2020, 09:06 AM
RandyP RandyP is online now
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An informative side-note within this educational thread corresponds to some of the comments in the "Taurus Handguns" one - namely that just about ALL manufacturers and models have had their negative and positive reviews. Stuff happens and any given gun can be a dud.
Several firearms in .22LR, .380ACP, 9mm, 7.62x25, 7.62 Nagant, .38/.357, 7.62x54R, .45ACP and .223. Lee reloading gear.

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln
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Old 02-12-2020, 09:33 AM
mk70ss mk70ss is offline
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Location: Tenn.
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Taurus .380 revolver. Thought it might make a nice pocket gun for summer months when shorts/t shirt are the preferred clothing. The thing had like a 25 pound trigger pull and shot WAY left. Traded that one quick.
Life can be hard, deal with it.
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Old 02-12-2020, 10:43 AM
Sock Sock is offline
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I have a Howa 1500 .223 that will never be the rem 700 I wanted.

Has still treated me well even though it’s been abused in prairie dog towns.
I support the only reasonable restriction of the Second Amendment. After all, who really needs a nuclear weapon?
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:01 PM
OttoLoader OttoLoader is offline
Join Date: Apr 2016
Posts: 164
The brand I want to like.
Friends had ppk and ppk/s Interarms and warned me away from Walther.
I decided to get a nib ppk/s .380 S&W manufacted 2010 just after the recall.
Well it was a pos. I eventually got a refund from S&W .
So I waited till the PPS was mature and any bugs were worked out. So in 2014 I bought a nice nib PPS.
Unfortunately it too failed. But I got a replacement 2015 manufacred and it has been what I expected .
I am keeping it
But I will not buy a PPQ or P99.
In the 9mm polymer world any nib will only be Glocks for me.
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:19 PM
mrbro mrbro is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 2
in 1978 I bought a beautiful used S&W Model 27 with a 5" barrel. This was gorgeous, the bluing, the checkering on the top strap, it was just sooo nice. Wouldn't shoot well at all. Tried multiple factory loads, handloads, 38 wadcutters, nothing shot well out of it. Sold it for a slight profit after a year and bought new Dan Wesson that has never disappointed.
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:21 PM
SoCAL_Gary SoCAL_Gary is offline
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Ruger LC9 w/ Green Laser

I had a Ruger LC9 that came with a factory green laser.

Not sure I ever fired another firearm with a worse trigger. I hated it.

Did not put a lot of rounds through it but did trade it after it sat around a few years.
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:24 PM
gonegun gonegun is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2015
Posts: 5
  • DP51 - Too chunky
  • Beretta Tomcat - no point
  • Browning BDA/ FN140DA / Beretta 84/bb - Too chunky
  • Beretta 8045 F - Nasty recoil impulse
  • CZ 75 BD / PCR - Crappy trigger reach, gritty trigger (decocker models suck, regular DA/SA are G2G)
  • Bersa BP9CC - Feather-light
  • Feg P9m - Low quality BHP clone, rattled and had accuracy issues
  • S&W MP15-22 - Jam-o-matic. Warranty dept did not fix it.
  • Taurus 92 - Junk
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:26 PM
Hardball45 Hardball45 is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Tracktown USA
Posts: 22
Dick Special Colt with the barrel not screwed in to be straight up. You can see it off just a hair. The aimed shots are 8-10" off at 25yards.

Not a whole gun, the 22 conversion upper for a Sig 220. Chamber is greatly unsupported allowing the brass to bulge by the rim. Sig won't fix it.
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:39 PM
LW McVay's Avatar
LW McVay LW McVay is offline
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Posts: 18,285
Originally Posted by M-Peltier View Post
SIG P226 X5 Level1 9mm

Most accurate handgun I have ever owned, and also the most unreliable. There was a well known issue with the placement of the extractor in 9mm's. It went back to SIG and they refused to acknowledge the problem, nor did they offer any solution. Came back to me with a note every time, "adjusted extractor, and test fired". Must have test fired 1-5 rounds max. It would not make it thru a full mag with any ammo. Epic fail of a $2400.00 handgun. It took me many years to get any confidence in SIG products. But I eventually got over it and now have many trouble free SIGS.
That was a German SIG, yes?
"Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never do less." - Gen. Robert E. Lee
"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:41 PM
LW McVay's Avatar
LW McVay LW McVay is offline
Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: Somewhere
Posts: 18,285
SPAS 12 shotgun. An absolute clunker. Pure junk.
"Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never do less." - Gen. Robert E. Lee
"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:44 PM
Striker2237 Striker2237 is offline
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Originally Posted by LW McVay View Post
That was a German SIG, yes?
Yeah, I have seen it personally as well with the same type of gun owned by a friend of mine. He went with CZs then 2011s since they work
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:53 PM
shooter1201 shooter1201 is offline
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Location: Heart of Dixie!
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* AMT Long Slide
* Colt Diamondback .22LR
* CAI G3

I'm sure there are others.
I was paid $7.54/HR(I got a raise) to go into harm's way so you didn't have to.
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Old 02-12-2020, 05:54 PM
19and41 19and41 is offline
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Young and foolish, I had a Union Switch & Signal M1911A1 and traded it straight up for a .223 bushmaster pistol. The one that had the swiveling receiver and the M16 pistol grip. It was one of those cool, nice to look at but eminently uncomfortable to shoot "pistols" I have ever owned. First runner up was my Iver Johnson "enforcer" "pistol".
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Old 02-12-2020, 06:05 PM
kitchencounsel kitchencounsel is offline
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Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Age: 61
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I didn't know it at the time, but I was spoiled by the Browning Auto 5 because of it's speed-loading mechanism.
I've had, or have hunted with, several other semiauto shotguns and was really frustrated because I couldn't just stuff another shell or two into the gate and keep going.

Obviously not a problem with pump guns, so I got a Benelli Nova because it was cheap and my dad loved his Benelli Super Black Eagle so I figured the quality was there and I liked the clever way it was constructed of polymer and permanent camo.
That Nova is an example of a gun that just doesn't fit me right. I can hit with it okay, but it's not a joy to shoot like my trusty Brownings. Not a bad gun, but as the OP says I was just disappointed.

I was disappointed with my Beretta 92s and 96s. Well made, would shoot anything, never stumbled. Nice guns, nice looking guns. Ergonomics seemed great; really fit my hand and felt comfortable. But I absolutely could not hit the broad side of a barn with any of them, from my M9 to the 96D. My Sig 226 - which has also performed flawlessly - feels awkward but I can hit a running bunny and once shot out a street light (long story) at a pretty fair distance on the first try.

Now that Kel-Tec was a disappointment because it simply was a piece of junk. Looked it, felt like it, shot like it. And that was with the 9mm barrel. Switch to .40 and it was an order of magnitude worse. But I bought it to use as a back-up gun and it would never have been used at a range of over a few feet so it fulfilled its purpose. But it was an ugly thing.

I really expected more from my 1955 Russian SKS, but I shouldn't have. It's a tractor, just like everything else made by the Soviets.

On the other hand, I have both a S&W Scandium revolver and a Sig P226 (two, actually - in 9mm & .40 S&W) and they have never missed a beat.
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Old 02-12-2020, 06:28 PM
TheLegoJoker TheLegoJoker is offline
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Posts: 13
Walther PPS M1: stout recoil and back strap felt like it would break any second.

Any Glock: I just can’t shoot them. I love them for their affordability and reliability but I can’t shoot them straight no matter how hard I try.

FN 509: couldn’t hit crap with it. It was me, not the gun.

Chiappa Rhino 4”: Couldn’t hit crap and got shrapnel in my finger when I shot it. I’m thinking the timing might have been off. Didn’t seem to be very high quality for how much it cost.
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Old 02-12-2020, 06:33 PM
Teacher Teacher is offline
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 526
Sig Lemon

Sig P320 X-VTAC It was so bad I try not to think about it, but then this thread came up. You name it. It went wrong. Even the sights could not be adjusted enough to get it to hit POA. After 3 trips to Sig Sorry Customer service they finally repaired the many things wrong with it but I was so sick of it and Sigs lack of caring that I traded it in.
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Old 02-12-2020, 06:46 PM
rmangu rmangu is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2004
Posts: 14
Glock 44

Love Glocks for their reliability and function out of the box. Glock 22 not accurate at all. No one shot well with it. Waste of money, too cheap to sell. May use for a fishing sinker.
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Old 02-12-2020, 07:31 PM
rbrucerogers rbrucerogers is offline
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Someone else mentioned the Sig 938. I had one - it shot reliably, but the trigger pull was about 8 pounds, and the tip of the trigger chewed my index finger. That was a real disappointment, because mine would have been quite a nice gun with a decent trigger. Sold it pretty quickly.
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Old 02-12-2020, 07:42 PM
trckdrvr trckdrvr is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Posts: 64
Browning Gold 12 ga shotgun..Defective and money refunded.
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Old 02-12-2020, 07:50 PM
Schlitz 45 Schlitz 45 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Colorado
Posts: 309
I have two problem children but I’m close to having them both acting the way they should.
1st was an Erma KGP68A baby Luger, bought it cheap but it could never get through a magazine without a malfunction. Found a source for out of production parts & replaced springs & most importantly the ejector/spring/plunger & it runs like a top now.
2nd is a Tommy gun I got at Christmas, right out of the case it had issues & I’ve shot & tweaked almost every week & after a lot of work it functioned through 2 drums perfectly last weekend but still having an occasional jam with the stick mags. Very disappointing for what Kahr/Auto Ordnance asks for these.
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Old 02-12-2020, 08:17 PM
Sconie Sconie is offline
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Location: Arizona
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Ruger Mini 14 - the most inaccurate rifle I've ever owned. From a bench rest, the best I could ever do with it was 7-8" groups at 100 yards.
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Old 02-12-2020, 09:36 PM
Jim Hobson Jim Hobson is offline
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Location: Vernon, New Jersey
Age: 68
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Wow, I don't feel so bad now.
1. Many many years ago - Remington 700 BDL Hvy Barrel 22-250. Would not group under 6" at 100 yds with a Unertl 15x scope.
2. Franchi 20ga auto-loader. Recoiled twice as bad as my Rem 870 12ga.
3. Henry Big Boy. Every time I used it something went wrong, not to mention you have to man-handle it to load the next round without a FTF or FTE. Now resides in the back of a closet.
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Old 02-12-2020, 09:40 PM
Robin Hood Robin Hood is offline
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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
Okay, this ties in with the other thread about guns that were surprisingly good. How about the opposite, ones you bought with high expectations but which ended up not being worth what you paid for them?

I paid $600 for a Kahr P380 back when they were still selling for that much. It seemed like the perfect pocket carry gun so I decided it was worth the high tariff. Unfortunately I had malfunctions right out of the starting gate, but when it DID work it was a fantastic little handgun. So I ended up going down the rabbit hole and tried to make it work rather than sell it and cut my losses. I ended up firing 3,000 rounds through it in endless range trips trying to diagnose and fix the various issues, which varied with each trip. Eventually I got it running 100%, carried it for awhile, and then on another range trip the malfunctions returned. I immediately went out and bought a Ruger LCP for $199 and the Kahr has remained in the safe ever since.

Honorable mention goes to a Taurus G2 Millenium that I bought because I thought it was a fantastic deal at $249. Then the double-feeds began, and it had to go back to Taurus which took months. When I finally got it back it seemed reliable, but I didn't want to trust it for carry so I put it up for sale. Eventually I had to use it as a trade-in and got virtually nothing for it, but I was simply glad to be rid of it.
First mistake was a .380. They’re very unreliable due to stovepipes especially. The Kahr plastic models work in 9mm and above, but still suck. I bought 3 Kahr K9 SS elites to find 1 that works and it has had 1,000’s of rounds down the tube with no malfunctions. The first one went back to the factory only to come back with the rails completely dremmeled out to crap. I made them buy it back. 2 out of three of them would NOT return to battery without pushing the slide forward. I couldn’t figure out why and even tried swapping all parts out between the one that worked and the 2 that didn’t. With that being said, the one that works has been one of my best pocket/inner waist carry pistol for years. I lightened the the DA trigger to 5 lbs and put a heavier recoil spring in to accommodate higher pressure loads. What I like most about it is that I can completely disassemble it to clean it. It’s a very simple design, but I don’t care that much for 9mm. I’ve heard good things about the K40 SS Elite also. Try to find a 2003 model and make sure it returns to battery. Their QC and CS sucks the most out of all manufacturers.

Best experience I’ve had was with a purchased Sphinx 9mm. It’s shoots like a laser and since it’s a cz clone with the slide riding in the frame it has very little noticeable recoil. Aside from that, Kimber 3” .45 Eclipse, works for about 10 rounds then the ramp would get dirty and the rounds would stick. The spring didn’t have enough power to bring it back to battery. Sold it. It was accurate, the laser grip was a piece of crap because when you squeezed the grip tighter it would actually bend the grip and move the laser a lot! I’ve had a 4” TLE II that has been functioning fine since I gutted it, tuned the extractor and replaced the ejector for a longer one. The only pistols I’ve NEVER had a problem with are the 1911’s I’ve built from 3.5” to 5.” All .45’s. My .38 super builds seem to be a bit more sensitive so I’ve decided to stick with .45 and keep it simple. It’s a great carry round anyways and for some reason I shoot way better with a .45. I don’t like the snappy feel of higher pressure ammos.
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Old 02-12-2020, 09:54 PM
Major54 Major54 is offline
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Originally Posted by Sconie View Post
Ruger Mini 14 - the most inaccurate rifle I've ever owned. From a bench rest, the best I could ever do with it was 7-8" groups at 100 yards.
Almost ashamed to admit but in the first ten years of their production, I owned 6 different Mini 14’s. All were stainless and Ruger would run the rifling machines until the bore was ruined with torn/sheared stainless. If you got one of the first few with fresh cutters, you might get a 2-3 MOA rifle from a bench. I found ONE of those which was the 6th one.

Latter barrels in a run would show little clean rifling and some wouldn’t stay on paper at 50 yards. This was in the 80’s and the last one I tried was about 5 years ago and while they had adjusted their stainless alloy and cutting tools to alleviate tearing, that recent example still wouldn’t bench better than 2.5 MOA with select ammo.

As for Customer Service, Ruger never replaced a single barrel even though the first 5 were returned for warranty service. Other than the allure of stainless steel in humid environments, I don’t know how they are still being bought or sold.
“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” ― Robert Frost
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Old 02-12-2020, 10:14 PM
trooper894 trooper894 is offline
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Sterling 400, DA .380, Walther PPK wannabe. Could not get the gun through a full magazine without a failure to feed and when it DID feed, it wouldn't extract.

Walther/Interarms SS PPK/s .380. Nastiest shooting little gun I've ever owned. Sharp edges everywhere that made you bleed from looking at it. Sharpest nastiest recoil of any gun I've fired other that a .44 Mag Ruger Blackhawk with rubber Pachmyer grips. Had a DA trigger pull that had to be 18-20lbs with a sharply serrated trigger. Extra mags were ungodly expensive ($35-$40 in 1980's dollars).

Traded in a Star PD .45 that shot and functioned perfectly, because Colt brought out the SS Officers Model .45. Thought it would be the perfect off duty gun. Accuracy was horrible, you could stand INSIDE a barn and fire away and not hit the same wall twice. It was very fickled about what magazines it would function with.

Remington 700 Sendero in .270 Win. The gun shot pretty well but it copper fouled horribly. If you fired 20 rounds it would take days of copper solvent and scrubbing to get it clean again. You could look through the bore and see chatter marks from throat to muzzle. Remington refused to do anything. Sent gun off to have it completely rebuilt with blue printed action, new stainless fluted heavy barrel in .25-06 for prairie dogs. Got stolen from UPS in route to gunsmith, UPS did reimburse fully, except the shipping charges, which I found ironic.
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