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Old 05-25-2012, 09:34 PM
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Sad Story about a new Range Officer

I have to share a very sad story

Yesterday, I made the grim mistake of stopping in at our LGS.

I knew I was in trouble when the owner smiled at me as I walked in --- and pointed to one of his several gun-display cases.

There it was....

...a poor, lonesome, "new baby," spanking-new Range Officer...

...crying....(the LGS owner said he could hear the crying too)

...wanting to go home with me....

...but I knew if I let it follow me home... wife might have grave "concerns" about my mental stability (since I already have a Range Officer)...., after debating with myself for at least half a second....

...I asked if I could "just" fondle it a bit:-)

The LGS owner about pooed himself when I took it apart and started checking barrel-to-bushing fit, etc. etc. (naturally, everything was about perfect).

Oh well --- so sure enough ---the darned thing followed me home

I gave it a bath, and took it to the range for a brief function-check with some junk, practice ammo. It loved it's new "baby food."

At 10 yards from sand bags, it put all five shots with that junk ammo into one hole, later measured at .88", but just a tad high. I cranked down the sight and moved the target to 25 yards.

At 25 yards, the group fell apart, I blame the poor group on old age, excitement, using "junk" practice ammo instead of my good "Match Grade" ammo, and, or course --- truly howling wind. Only eight of the ten shots were touching, but I did "call" the two "wild" shots...

...However, even including the called "wild-shots," the c-t-c group-size from sandbags was 1.88" (which is about as good a group as this old guy can get from sand bags).

About that time, our IDPA Match Director showed up (I was using their range) to start setting up for the IDPA match, and I had to get home and fix supper for my dear wife (I'm retired but she is still working)....

...and figure out how I was ever going to explain the new gun to her.

Anyway, since I "try" to always tell her the "truth," I simply told her that I'd purchased a new holster...

...which she didn't mind...but she asked "How much was the Holster?"


So I had to tell her, but then I explained that the new holster came with a couple of magazines, a two-magazine belt holster, and a new gun with a life-time guarantee....she laughed and asked to see everything.

That is when the troubles began

She looked at the Springfield case and all that "stuff," and said, "That is really a nice looking gun!"

Then she held it, tried the trigger pull, and said, "Oh! That really is nice!"

Then she mentioned how much she was looking forward to shooting "her" new gun when the wind quits howling, it cools down a bit, and she has some time

So, for a few hours, I had a really sweet-shooting, "new-baby" Range Officer.

But at least SHMBO did allow as how I should shoot "her gun" in the local Bullseye Matches (to break it in for her).

Guess I'll have to be happy with the used Range Officer I found a few months ago that increased my average score on our National Match Course by 10 points (and until yesterday, was the best shooting target gun I've ever owned).

I need therapy!

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