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Old 04-22-2012, 01:42 PM
sir_n0thing sir_n0thing is offline
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Ruger SR1911.... first time out

I am transplanting this post out of my thread in the Ruger forum and starting a Range Report. I think this should have been the appropriate place for me to report on it's trip to the range...
Originating thread here.


So I took the SR out to the range today and put about 420 rounds through.
The short version: WOW, this thing is unbelievably nice!
The longer version: Having never fired a 1911 before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Certainly the recoil was a lot less than I had anticipated, I assume thanks to the all-steel weight of the beast. I put two magazines through it just to wrap my mind around it, and from there on out it was simply a matter of making one giant hole about 4" around in the target. I am not a great shot with a pistol (not enough practice), and I have never operated a 1911 before, so I wouldn't go blaming the gun for not grouping 2". For ME a 4" group is great work, I certainly can't do that with any of the polymer guns I have owned. Towards the end of the day my groups were tightening up as I learned how to grip it, sight picture and trigger squeeze. I can see myself getting to be a better shot with more practice, this gun makes it feel easy.
And speaking of polymer guns... shooting the 1911 today after years of various plastic pistols was a revelation! Aside from a couple of very nice single action revolvers I've played with many years ago, I have never fired a handgun that felt so sweet. The trigger was excellent.
Reliability-wise, everything went smooth. With both the stock 7 and 8 round mags, an 8 rounder from a Remington R1 and a 7 rounder from a Para, I experienced nary a hiccup. 420 rounds went through without a single malfunction of any sort. Mix of 230gr FMJ and 230gr JHP from Remington, S&B, Federal, Aguilla and Winchester.
The grip screws did start loosening up after about 100 rounds, but I tightened them back down and they stayed put the rest of the day. No Loc-Tite for now, as I plan on making a set of custom grips here pretty soon.
I will say that in regards to the recoil spring, yes, it seems to be pretty "stout". Takes a firm hand to rack the slide.
I brought her home filthy dirty (the thing actually looks pretty cool all "blackened"), field stripped and cleaned her up. This gun is a keeper, and I'll likely be handing it on to future generations, because I'll never sell it... and that about sums it up for me!

Final tally: 420 rounds fired. 5 brands of ammo. 4 different magazines. 0 malfunctions. 100% badass!
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Old 04-22-2012, 05:36 PM
DCH DCH is online now
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Thanks for the report and glad your are enjoying your SR1911. I really like mine too. It is one of my favorite 1911s. Welcome to the world of the 1911. JMB got it right. IMO
the 1911 is the best gun ever made.
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Old 04-22-2012, 09:06 PM
frankmmiii frankmmiii is offline
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1911 Heaven

Yes, there is something about them 1911's. Like yourself, I have finally purchased a 1911 for myself, it being from 1918 and also an Arsenal Rebuild from a Colt frame and a Remington UMC slide. I will in the future be purchasing a new 1911, from who I don't know. But I am glad you enjoyed shooting your 1911 and happy that you shared it with us. Happy Shooting!
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Old 04-22-2012, 09:29 PM
mountiangofer mountiangofer is offline
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I have Wilsons, Sig's, colts, Kimbers, and then my Sr1911 is right there with the best of them. Great 1911 for the money. I needed another 1911 like I needed a hole in the head, but I always liked Rugers, so I bought one. Glad I did.
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Old 04-23-2012, 04:13 AM
Redlegvzv Redlegvzv is offline
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Location: Huntington Beach, CA
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The Ruger SR1911 is likely the best 1911 out there for the money. Ruger really got it right by sticking with JMB's original design pretty scrupulously. The few changes are solid improvements. Sure wish this pistol was available in California.
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