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Old 05-03-2011, 04:28 PM
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Viking Tactics Carbine 1.5 Apr 29-May 1 Southern Exposure, Kathleen Fl

I just came off my second run with Kyle Lamb and his Carbine Operator 1.5 course. The class took place at the Southern Exposure Training facility located 10 miles north of Lakeland, Florida.

24 experienced shooters, many with prior time in Viking Tactics courses with the usual mix of diverse backgrounds. Both active military and law enforcement, professionals representing the firearms, medical, engineering, and an embassy security rep.

Kyle and his assistant Dan presented our group with three days of progressively challenging core skills to raise each students ability to run and diagnose carbine performance in less than casual circumstances.

By the close of TD1, we went through all of the fundamentals covered in basic carbine operators courses starting with confirming zero at 50 and 100, then running a series of firing drills from the basic positions, prone, squat, kneeling, sitting and offhand. This also gave us aggregate groups which we diagnosed and made accuracy adjustments if necessary. We ended the day starting with multiple targets.

TD2 picked up with more Multiple target drills. Then Kyle gave us a very good diagnostic presentation along with a follow up practex named 3 little kittens. This is clearning every type of malfunction under the pressure of motivational dialog and adjacent gun fire from either Kyle or Dan. In the afternoon we started shooting on the move in three directions, forward, lateral left and right respectivly. We ran turning drills online and from stacking.

Next we ran pistol transitions which was pistol alone, with rifle dry then downloading magazines and transitioning. We ended the day running the Zig Zag drill (you tube) by splitting the class in two groups on two seperate ranges. We ran for informal times which pushed us to bring together everything we have done up to that point.

TD 3 started transitioning our rifles from strong to weak side so that our ability to fire competently from either side was a core skill for every student that completes this class. This was an excellent time to work the kinks out of any issues you may have with your particular sling in order to avoid being tied up at the wrong time.

From here we moved to the several specialty shooting positions that are highlighted in his book Green Eyes and Black Rifles only you are the one upside down instead of in a reading chair. We learned how to transition in and out of these positions more effectively and gain range experience using them. This helps understand your individual issues with your own body and equipment and effectively getting hits at the 100 yard mark. We ran Kyle's 9 Hole drill (you tube) and spent time challenging ourselves using the awkward ports that are placed to round out our skills. Many of us feel that attending this class prepares a shooter well for shooting well outside of the comfort zone.

Then we ran a gauntlet where 6 barricades were placed across 6 target arrays presenting us with 12 positions to practive transitioning from a supported, kneeling, barricade on both strong and support sides. If you took too long to get down correctly and score a hit on a 6" steel lollipop and the guy comin gbehind you was delayed for you, you were tapped out. This was a drill moving across open spaces and transitioning to alternate shooting positions correctly. If you think this is easy, you came from Kyle's old address. All the rest of us learned the love of oxygen.

We ended our last day running the Highsmith drill (you tube) as a class competition, for time which between this drill and the one described earlier we learned the meaning of his latest round of T Shirts "KNEES".

I have a slew of class photos and a couple of videos taken from a pair of shooting glasses with a camera in them and I will place them up here tomorrow. I am out of time for this afternoon but I want to say that each of us in the class, all have the utmost respect for Kyle and Dan as instructors. Patient, low key, great sense of humor, informative and a depth of knowledge to exlain the reasoning behind many years of hard lessons learned that have aggretated into the program of instruction that takes the basic carbine or carbine qualification courses to the next level.

If you are able to find a way to make it into one of the courses with time and schedule, it is a fast and enjoyable 3 days.

Southern Exposure just gets better every time I visit there. The ranges are manicured grass. There is a new shoot house on the property along with the 200 yard rifle, and couple of pistol bays. Irv and Wafta are always excellent stewards and hosts and the culture there is tight. When you attend classes thee, you become part of an extended family which I enjoy visiting each time I am there. It is three days and nights of uninterupted, focused and well thought out training. A large percentage of attendees are all regulars who all know each other and this class was no exception.

I am greatful to have attended. More later...
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