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Old 03-11-2008, 07:38 AM
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Kahr K9 Compact 9mm Initial Range Report

Hi All,

This past weeken I had a chance to shoot my brand new Kahr K9. This is actually the 3rd Kahr K9 that I've owned. Several years ago (maybe around 2000 or 2001?) I had a brand new Kahr K9 that shot really well. I inexplicably traded it for some other gun, and I missed it ever since. Two years ago I bought a second brand new K9. It was a good gun, but the trigger didn't seem as smooth as my original Kahr. I eventually traded this second K9 in for some other gun.

Well, recently, I got bit by the Kahr bug again. After buying a Sig 229 in 9mm, I was interested in buying a compact 9mm.

I was originally thinking about a Sig 239 or a S&W M&P 9mm Compact. The Sig and the S&W seem like great guns, but I got lured again to the all-steel Kahr K9. I like the Sig 239, but it seems kinda big for a compact gun (not much smaller than my Sig 229 - just flatter). I also like the M&P 9mm compact A LOT, but I am a little safety paranoid and I didn't like the idea of having a fairly light and short trigger pull on a carry gun.

I ordered my K9 from Buds Gun Shop and picked it up from my local FFL this week. I cleaned and lubed the gun last night and took it to the range for a break in session.

I shot the gun at the 25 yard range using factory 9mm ammo (115 gr Winchester white box, 124 gr Fiocchi FMJ, 124 gr +P Remington JHP). The user manual states that the gun should be shot for 200 rounds before it is considered "broken in." I guess they really mean it. My gun had a lot of jams during the first 70 or so rounds. I was getting a bit nervous because my first Kahr was flawless throughout the break in period, and my second K9 only had a few failures during the break in. However, after about 100 rounds, the compact 9mm ran like a champ. The action cycled smoothly and I didn't have any more jams or failures.

I think the break in period primarily helped break in the recoil spring. When I first got the gun from my dealer, it required a lot of force to draw the slide back. The recoil spring seemed so heavy, plus I think the tolerances of the slide fit were very close/tight. After shooting the first 100 rounds through the gun, it seems noticeably easier and smoother to rack the slide manually.

After shooting the initial 200 rounds, I field stripped the gun, cleaned it, relubed it, then shot another 150 flawless rounds.

I shot the gun from a padded rest and also offhand. I'm not a target shooter, but the accuracy was good for such a little gun, even at 25 yards. The little K9 really does shoot like a larger, service-sized pistol. I was able to keep most of my shots on a paper plate sized (about 8" diameter) target at 25 yards offhand and I figured that was good enough for a defensive gun.

The trigger pull is long, and medium-heavy, but very smooth. it feels like a light double action pull of a good revolver. The trigger reset is fairly long, and requires a deliberate action to reset it. However, if you're used to shooting revolvers you'll quickly get used to the trigger reset on the K9.

I am really happy with my K9. The fit and finish is good, the accuracy is very good for such a tiny gun (and for some reason, this gun seems more accurate than the K9 that I owned a couple of years ago - I think the trigger is a bit smoother on this new gun), and the gun is compact and durable. A friend at the range shot a few magazines from the little K9 and he also seemed genuinely impressed and remarked that it was a nice little pistol.

Even with an OWB holster (El Paso Saddlery "Street Combat" that I bought from Cheaper than dirt) it conceals well because it is so flat and very compact. It's external dimensions are similar to a J-frame, but the K9 is thinner than the cylinder of a J-frame. The K9 is all steel, but still relatively light. Plus the recoil is pretty much negligient with the all-steel frame.

I'm planning on ordering some wood grips and some extra mags and a spare recoil spring for my gun. I'm also planning on keeping this Kahr K9 for good (no more impulse trade-ins).

Here are some not so good photos of my little K9. The first image is the K9 with the El Paso "Street Combat" holster, which in my opinion is a great OWB holster. The second is a pic of the K9 with a Colt Lightweight Commander (4.25" barrel, .45acp). The K9 is thin like a 1911, but even a bit more compact than a Commander or Officer sized pistol. Sorry for the poor quality of the pics - I am not Ken Lunde.

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