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Everything you have read here is great information, from knowledgeable people. However, you have to find what works for you. Most of us have tried many styles, shapes and sizes of holsters, and many have drawers that are full of what did not work. I personally have been carrying the 1911 for over a decade in an IWB, OWB, Crossdraw, Shoulder Holster even Small of the Back (SOB) style holsters. What's not so funny is that, the holster I now carry in is one like a buddies that he let me borrow and wear for a day. If you know anyone who carries that gun, and loves the holster they carry with, ask to borrow it for a day and wear it, trying to do everyting you would while doing so. That is only half of the equation here....the belt that you use to carry that large gun, in whatever holster you choose, must be able to do so effectively, or you probably will not find the "perfect" holster for your needs. I personally carry my Wilson Combat 1911 in a custom Milt Sparks Versa Max 2, supported by a Don Hume 1 3/4" wide Gunbelt. I have carried this way for almost 8 years now and have carried for as long as 24hours consecutively in extreme comfort. Most belts are not sufficiently stiff to carry a firearm....unless they are designed to do so.
I have given away all the holsters I no longer wear on different "Pay It Forward" threads in several forums I frequent...otherwise I would offer them to you to try.
Good Luck on your choice.

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