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picking a holster type is akin to picking a wife....youre going to be wearing it a lot, so pick one that fits your lifestyle.

I have 4 different holsters, depending on whats going on.

For long distance driving (its 10 hours in the saddle from end to end in Texas), I have a shoulder holster.

Come hunting time, I have a standard issue GI flap holster.

And for general running about, and weather dependent, I have an IWB and an OWB holster, a combination of Galco and Bianchi leather products.

I do recommend a good belt and dont skimp on the holster, either. A cheap, ill fitting holster could get you killed too.

For ammo, I carry 200 grain hollow points of one maker or another...provided they function in my weapon. I also carry handloads which you may or may not wish to trust.
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