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I agree with Alchemy's comments about full custom.

Those master builders who are perceived by many as true full custom are familiar with certain source components and they're happy to build around those components they trust/have confidence in. But they're not so happy to build with components or a mix of components that they believe will be problematic and/or likely not result in a build they're proud to put their name on.

And this is probably mostly for the good, for the customer's benefit. I.e., if a master builder does not feel confident about a certain component, and prefers to work instead with what he has confidence in, I think that is usually a good thing for the customer. Even if the customer had some attachment to the specific component(s) the master builder might not desire to work with. After all, their reputation is on the line with every gun they build.

All of this aside, there's no question that a few builders come much closer to the concept of true full custom than other brethren builders.

And it's probably reasonable, as a practical matter, to continue to describe builders in this rarified segment as "full custom". If they're closer than anyone else to the puristic definition/interpretation, then they've probably earned the recognition as full custom.
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