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Originally Posted by magazineman View Post
Okay Butthead. Great to know that your'e way too good for the ugly, talent-less, & poverty-stricken K.P. Me too. When Raquel Welch asked ME out I said "you WISH, Baby. Hit the road"

Meanwhile I gotta go. Halle Berry is texting me again. That broad just won't leave me alone.
Hmm, Raquel Welch don't do it for me, and I (admit) I'm a champagne taste kind of guy.

As a matter of fact, a few more years (or missed plastic surgery appointments), she'll really start resembling Diane Keaton. Just pop a hat on her.

Halle Berry is okay. I do believe she has a tattoo that pretty much covers her arse though. Tasteful tramp stamp acceptable, Maui warrior ink all over arse a real turn off.

And yes, that first picture is Raquel circa 2020.
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