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Springfield "Loaded Target"

Several months ago I bought a used SS Loaded Target in .38 super (The OP changed out the bbl and it did not come with the 9mm bbl.) and I bought a Remsport barrel with Nowlin type ramp for it. I removed all of the objectionable Springfield junk, installed some of my stuff from the spare parts bin.

After fitting the Remsport bbl, the "plunk" test failed and I found that Remsport does not include in their advertisements that their barrels are not provided with the barrel finish reamed. Grrr... OK, minor bump in the road...

Anyway I had the barrel reamed and Friday was my third trip to the range. I gotta say, I've had a bunch of Colt 9's in every configuration imaginable from compacts, stock 5" to full on race and the SA is a joy to shoot.

It fed like a dream, no sense of feeling the bullet tip hitting the unramped bbl mouth of a Colt, it just ran slicker than snot with every 9 ammo I had on hand from FMJ to lead and JHP's.

Accuracy with all ammo was "Left ventricle - Right ventricle" at 50 feet, recoil as expected was silly low and reliability was 100%.

The fit and finish of what was left of the OEM stuff was excellent, better than anything I have or have had in the platform.

I have to say I'm more than just a bit disappointed that SA took liberties with "upgrades" to parts that after over 100 years of proven reliability should NOT have been "improved" on.

Anyway I've seen some of these all SS models at pretty attractive prices, I just may keep an ear out for a SA in 10mm (and install .40 bbl) or if available in .40 and deplete my spare parts bin :-)

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