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Originally Posted by JOHNGUM View Post
I have an earlier FUSION- IN KIT FORM, and it is a 9mm that shoots awesome!
Going on 8 years now of weekly shoots and it still is awsome!
Do check out their custom gun lines though if you want some specific tweaks that production line guns do not. You will not be sorry!
As amazing as a custom 1911 would be, I doubt it’s something I’ll ever be willing to pay to play with. It’s just too much cash for me to have tied up in one firearm. Maybe if I did an 80% build from 1911 Builders and did the work myself to save some cash...?
Glad to hear your Fusion has worked out! The Reaction may be my next handgun purchase 👍👍
I'm sure the 1911 was the Glock of it's time. Probably touted as being 100% reliable when it patently wasn't and it held a monstrous 8-9 rounds. The hardliners certainly said "If you can't get the job done in five shots, what's the use of carrying nine?"
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