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I’m currently considering purchasing one of the Reactions chambered in 45 Auto or 10mm. I know things may be a bit biased over here, but still wanted to ask...
The majority of my 1911 experience has been with various Kimber products. I’d love to know how this series compares within the Kimber line. I’ve got a Gold Match, a Tactical HD and one of the new Custom LW. Where’s the Reaction fall between them?
I’m really curious to learn how these production Fusions stack up to the competition. I realize they’re not custom guns, but I’m not in the market and most likely never will be, for a custom 1911.
I'm sure the 1911 was the Glock of it's time. Probably touted as being 100% reliable when it patently wasn't and it held a monstrous 8-9 rounds. The hardliners certainly said "If you can't get the job done in five shots, what's the use of carrying nine?"

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