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Before I retired I carried my personally owned approved for duty use Sig Stainless Elite P229 .40 pistol. I never ever liked to carry their issued guns. I figured that if I ever get suspended or worse yet, terminated, then they would take my badge and credentials, but, not my gun. I also didn't like getting issued a gun that was used by who knows who and abused by those same people. A lot of law enforcement types don't like guns and don't like cleaning them and don't care if they abuse them.

Here is mine. I never really liked .40 or even Sigs, so, when I retired, I sold it and bought a Night Hawk Custom 10mm to carry.

Here it is. I bought some aftermarket magazine extensions for my 14rd .40 magazines giving me 17 rounds in my magazines.

This is my EDC since I retired. 10mm NHC.


Back in the early 90's, I was authorized to carry my HK P7M13 and did for two years before they changed the approved hand gun list. It's one of these pictured. It was the most accurate and reliable hand gun that I ever carried throughout my 28 year career.


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