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Originally Posted by Rob S View Post
Questions: Did you order a standard government Foster frame?
How much work did it take to mate the rails of the slide to the frame?
Did you think about ordering the frame with the integral plunger tube?
It's a standard, stainless Gov't frame.

It was surprisingly easy to mate the slide and frame. My previous experience is with Nighthawk slides and frames, which were really tight in tolerances. They didn't require much be taken off, but it was evenly distributed. I broke the edges of the frame rails top and bottom, beveled the front slightly, took a few strokes on the top of the dust cover, and a few passes of a #2 file over the top of the rails/deck and had about a 95% fit. I haven't dug out my lapping compound, yet.

I didn't consider the integral plunger tube because I just went with a frame they had on sale.
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