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Originally Posted by DRM813 View Post
If it could only talk! You have a bunch of history in those photos.
You’re right about that, we sit around for hours swapping sea stories and stories about his time on the streets.
Originally Posted by apipeguy View Post
Thanks, brought back some memories. I recall being at Detroit’s range right after they got their Glocks (1990ish) and being jealous when the rangemaster showed me his new Glock with the DPD serial number.
Quick thread drift. When my buddy came to visit, we decided to take an airboat ride around the Naval Station, since we’re both former squids, we obviously enjoyed seeing the ships more than our wives did.

Much to our surprise, we made the turn toward the shipyard only to find the USS Detroit in dry-dock, broke-dick just like the city itself. Not surprising though, because the entire LCS fleet is a disservice to the Navy and us taxpayers.

But, we made the best of it and since we’re both from Detroit and my friend was wearing his D hat, the sighting of the USS Detroit presented a picture perfect moment.

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