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Police Issued Guns At The Range

My friend in MI, whom I’ve known since the mid 70’s, came down to FL for a visit. He’s a USN Vet, retired LEO and is currently active with the Sheriff’s Department. We always have a range day when he visits and he always wears a Navy shirt to the range. He bought this shirt awhile back as a memento to his last USN duty station.

I figured I’d post this in the LEO subforum, since we shot a few of my friend’s police issued handguns. It would be kinda cool if y’all wanted to add some pics of your police issued/marked heaters in this thread.

We did shoot a few of my guns too, which are in the background of the pics. I needed to live fire function test my Lightweight Commander, because I replaced a few critical components. Also needed to live fire test my DDM4LE and my daughter’s AR, because I had to remove and reinstall the muzzle devices, gas blocks and barrels, in order to swap out the handguards.

We started by shooting my friend’s first police issued sidearm, a S&W 10-5. This was by far my favorite of the four handguns. It was accurate, sweet SA & DA trigger pull and just flat out silky smooth.

A few years later, my friend was issued a Glock 22. My least favorite, feels awkward in my hand, no where near as comfortable/ergonomic as today’s Glocks.

About 10 years later, his department switched to S&W M&P 40’s. Big improvement over the G22, but that long trigger pull is annoying and takes some getting used to.

After retiring, my friend signed on with the Sheriff’s Office. He was given a list of pistols that he was authorized to carry. So, he purchased a Sig P226 Gadsden Edition from Mark @ Evolution Armory. This was from Mark’s personal collection and is my friend’s personal favorite, next to his Colt 1911 that he can’t carry on duty.

Since this is a 1911 forum, here’s a pic of my Lightweight Commander that we shot after I did a few mods.

Group pic.

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