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I did a fusion freedom 9mm longslide Kit (my only fusion) a few years ago, it is simply an amazing piece, totally accurate & reliable. I checked all the option box’s which made it expensive for a build kit imho.

I also bought a Kimber .45 longslide all stainless Target last year (my only Kimber, probably the last) to say the quality was terrible is an understatement. I now view it as a kit gun as well and after some work and new parts it shoots 100% reliably and extremely accurate but it didn’t start that way.

The initial purchase price of the Kimber was about 1/2 the cost of my fusion but after all the work and parts to make it work well it’s a lot closer in price. It is a beautiful Gun being all stainless vs the black oxide fusion which with their (fusion’s) beautiful cocobolo red grips and oiled up is quite nice to look at as well to shoot. The b-oxide makes it much easier to fix a whoop’s as well. My .02

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