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1911 Bought Used

A friend was shooting his Taurus 1911 and the barrel bushing came apart. We found the pieces and spring and spring cap. The end result was that I bought it at a very reduced price. I replaced the bushing with a Colt bushing. Accuracy was poor about Army standards. Total tolerances measured .023 combining slide to OD of bushing and ID of bushing to OD of barrel. Ordered new bushing from Taurus for $12.95. So much for lifetime warranty. Total tolerances measured .007. Rear sight comes loose when firing. I will mark slide and rear sight when windage is correct and put JB Weld in cavity of rear sight and that should hold. I would not pay full price for a Taurus but recommend a used pistol and be prepared to do some work on it. Some people buy a Taurus 1911 and spend more than a Kimber on it. That doesn't make sense. I am more interested in performance than pretty.
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