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Portable generator recommendation

Lost power for two days here last Sun and Mon (as did 350,000 other poor schmucks) due to a wicked storm, and had to stay in a hotel because my apartment got hot as balls. I didn't lose much refrigerated food since I mostly eat out, but I thought about investing in a generator and portable 110 AC unit for any future outages. However, I'm not sure which brand to go with. My buddy recommended Honda, but the ones I looked at in the wattage I wanted (5500+) were like four THOUSAND dollars!! Granted, they were electronic fuel injected models which eliminate long-term fuel storage issues, but that's still a HUGE chunk of scratch for my meager income.

I saw both a Generac and a Briggs and Stratton in that wattage range for around $850. Are they good choices?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

P.S. Also, since a giant, uprooted tree blocked my driveway I was also thinking about getting a chainsaw and could use a recommendation on that as well.

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