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nothing wrong with starting small and building your way up. When I lived in Florida as a broke college kid I put a hurricane kit together in a tupperware tub. Mostly store brand canned pasta meals, bottled water, cheap LED flashlight, used pocket knife, candy bars, and a bottle of rum. It was enough to get me through some storms, I'd eat everything as regular groceries at the end of the season and replace the next spring. good system. I'm much better prepared now but still a solid start.

My suggestion is don't be put off by adding slowly and when you find deals, have extra money, etc. I went from that kid with very little to now. I used to feel under-prepped, but now i have a "bug out" land cruiser, generators, stores of gas, months of food, water collection, piles of ammo, etc. Just keep going.

It's like eating an elephant.... One bite at a time.
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