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Originally Posted by Retired AF CE View Post
There is a problem with the LEO Sub Forum! The Military members are not allowed to post or comment on the LE Sub forum. Some of the Forum members are very hostile towards other people who are not LE but have significant experience in similar matters. So when a Military member does post, they get bullied embarrassed and disrespected.

I personally think it is disgusting how some of the LE forum members treat others on the 1911 forum site! They think they are exclusive. Truth is, they are the most rude on the forum in general.

This site has a lot of Active Duty and Retired Military with a vast amount of knowledge in 1911's, small arms, training and tactics with real world experience that get so disrespected because they just want to help other members and work together in solving real world issues with the 1911 and other high topic issues.

You're probably right, but I can't really see why anybody should get disrespecful towards somebody else, I mean we are all 1911 enthusiasts, so everyone shoud bring his own experience and contribution towards helping other 1911 aficionados.
I like and share your above mentioned paragraph that I've evidenced in italic.
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