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High Capacity Caspian.

What with all the 3 gun and outlaw not-quite-IDPA matches cropping up, I am interested in a high capacity 9mm. Not a Glock, what would be the fun in that?

Another shooter and I were talking about the prospects for a Caspian HC based 9mm for such games. I came up with a few questions:

Is the High Cap available in stainless? It is not cataloged, but I have read of other departures from the usual. If only in CM, I would likely get it Cerakoted in lieu of sending out for third party plating or bluing.

Will this be a reliable gun in 9mm without the "tuning" of magazines called for by other brands? Reliable to include proper operation of the slide stop, I want to maintain IDPA capability.

What else do I need to know?