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God forbid it happens at my house. The bad guys will get 77gr mk262 out of my colt M4 until they stop.

I do find it odd that nobody has mentioned the following in regards to defending their abode:

1) Dogs, alert you and get the sleepies shaken out of you.
2) Get to your safe area, dial 911, put it on speaker.
3) Do not go out and play operator, stay put.
4) If they breach your safe zone and find you, announce, "I am willing to defend myself" while on the phone with the police.
5) If they don't and attempt to assail you, well, they picked their doom and you will be subject to whatever consequeces the law may deem.
6) One story, yours, should be the one the only one told. Dead criminals cannot twist the story to their advantage. "I thought is was my house, I was wasted."

Make sure whatever weapon you use has a light on it as well. IDENTIFY THE THREAT.

I'd rather my rifle/pistol with rail than a shotgun due to my house's layout.

An SF with a rail and noght sights would be fantastic for those wanting a pistol for HD.

I also agree with the comment by Carrots, who cares about what you use monetarily? if you have to defend yourself and the gun gets locked up, then it does. You are alive, hopefully well and at some point you will get it back.
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