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I won't say I wouldn't use a 1911 for home defense but I'd prefer a good scattergun over one. Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590 etc....can't go wrong with one of those workhorses in whatever configuration works best for you.

If you MUST use a pistol....the most simple to operate and most reliable would not be a 1911. It wouldn't even be a Glock. I don't care if it's the nicest, highest performing 1911 out there....I'll take a S&W revolver ANY day. It's simply more reliable. You get a dud? Doesn't fire? Keep pulling, you could have the crappiest ammo or the worst luck and I figure ONE of those rounds is going off . For home defense a wheel gun is my go to when it's not a shotgun. The last thing I'd want to do rolling out of bed at any given hour of the night is having to fumble with racking a round or deactivating a safety.....it's easier for me to rack a shotgun than a pistol when I'm woolheaded and sleepy eyed and even easier to pick up a revolver and squeeze a trigger.

I have two 686's that I have set up the way I like....I won't miss one of them too terribly much while it's being processed by the police or whatever it is they do. Also have a 5' 44 mag. I've been wondering if keeping some 44 specials in the mag might be better than a .357 magnum. I kind of switch off. I don't shoot much 44 so I wouldn't miss that gun much either. I'd DEFINITELY miss a high end 1911.

Like others here have said before me...I'd be worried about any possible legal repercussions after the fact. I value my families lives, my life, my freedom and then my property in that order. I'd be worried about either my freedom or property if I had to actually shoot someone at that point. You never know what can happen with our legal system. Especially here in California.