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no trick question

this is not intended as a "trick question" - just thinking outloud from a person who has grown up shooting rifles since 6yrs old - first NRA riflemanship class at 8yrs old - avid birdhunter for over 43yrs - competitive sporting clays for over 15 years

guys - I have just for the first time ever begun to think about home invasion self defense - why, I work away from home 21days every other 21days - wife summoned the sheriff last time I was away and forty minutes later they arrived, we live in the country - she is a shooter (rifles, a lot) neither of us have much time with pistols - when I returned we attended NRA Basic Pistol - we have since returned for a private lesson and she fell in love with 1911 - we now own one and I am responsible for charting a path of training for her to use the best tool for the job and get her mental and physical training in order

i'm not sure what "castle laws" Louisiana has but breaking and entering with a perceived threat was discussed in class, so she pretty much has a legal green light to apply lethal force if BG is present and approaching - I hope this scenario NEVER happens to either of us

one MUST consider that the primary reason for us to own such a nice and powerful weapon is to defend ourself in our house - we do not intend to get concealed carry license - car carry will be good enough for us - and we love shooting the big 45

most of the replies indicate that having your gun impounded for an indeterminate amount of time would be a minor distraction compared with the other realities involved - I agree

I guess when in class it was discussed that some lawyers tried to paint the gun owner/shooter as gun crazed or somehow a pre-meditated killer if they improved their weapon to shoot more easily or accurately in an effort to gain ground in the eyes of a jury, on behalf of the deceased persons family

when one actually starts studying all of the potential consequences associated with the use of lethal force it can boggle the mind - no wonder our LEO's sometimes put themselves at risk having to be ever so vigilant in split second decisions regarding legal liability versus survival!!!!!!!

just something to think about along the path in my mental preparations and resolve training