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dilema - throw down gun?

alright here is the situation - BG invades house with evil intent

question? do you grab your Ed Brown and comence to put and end to the confrontation


do you pick up your equally as deadly brand x .45 ACP?

now assume "good guy" prevails and BG dies

you know full well that the authoritities will be keeping your fine shooting iron for as long as it takes for the legal machinery to run it's course

even if justifiable is the criminal law end result, certain civil procedures make keep the ball rolling for many more months to come

I ask this as it has come to my attention that I would #1 NOT like to have this fine firearm away from home for a long time and #2 heaven forbide some "gunsmith" disassemble to look for "illegal modifications"

have others of you bught a less expensive but 100% reliable 1911 for home defense? Or a "plastic gun" in the event that this scenario would arise? perhaps the tactical shotgun is of considerable benefit in just such a situation?

is it possible to own a gun that is TOO GOOD to shoot someone with?