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Taurus PT 1911AR

Just throwing my 2 cents worth. I bought a RIA a couple of months ago and after shoooting and carrying it I decided for me that a 45 was the way to go.. I then decided being left handed I needed a ambi safety and then I was good to go...After talking to my local gunsmith who is a 45 fanatic and keep a long story short, it is being customized and machined plus cera kote. So i decided to go and maybe look for another decent priced 45 and found the Taurus PT1911AR. I am not a Taurus fan but the gun felt good, had what I was looking for, and was not a arm and a leg.. I have had it now for a couple of weeks and have put around 300-350 rounds through it..I have put FMJ, reloads from my gunsmith, and some older ammo my father had..No problems at all. The fit and finish is not as good as some higher ends i have seen but you do get what you pay for.. All I can say is when I aim at the bull at 25 yards and squeeze the trigger, It goes boom..For the money I am more than happy..
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