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I don't have a Taurus but gave one a pretty serious look because I wanted a .45 with a rail. What's odd is that the great price scares some folks off because they think it's a low quality gun.

I ended up buying a Warrior for a lot more money than the Taurus, but I like it and know Kimber's well. Fortunately it's been a really good gun- my Kimber's have either been stellar or lemons- no middle ground for me. Everything in the collection now works up to full spec. No prob's at all.

I don't mind less expensive guns- my P90 Ruger is a tank, not suitable for carry, and it weighs a ton. That all said-- it eats any ammo I load including Wolff and Blazer aluminum and I can't pick the year it last choked a round. It's probably more accurate than I am to boot. It'll work every time the trigger is pulled.

So yes- get a Taurus. Great gun, especially for the money.

Dallas, TX.
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