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I've had a PT1911 since they first became available. 1st let me say that I am not a Taurus die-hard. I also have a Para OPS and a Springfield Loaded Target. In the past I had a Colt GM Series 70, a Commander and a Combat Commander. I like this 1911 and have had great luck with it so far. I'd guess it has had about 2K through it. It feeds factory and reloaded FMJ ammo and reloaded LSWC ammo like it was eating candy. I have not fired any JHP ammo through it. It has never failed to feed, fire or eject except for the very first magazine full of ammo. I bought it new and took it straight to the range. I had one light firing pin strike on the first mag. Took it home and cleaned all the factory gunk out of it and it hasn't missed since.
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