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Just an observation...

Reported problems with Taurus, Kimber, Colt, Springfield, and other handguns generally include one that claims "all the reports" or "many people say" with regards to problems with their particular model. Something to consider - one person may post the same complaint about their gun on 5 or more gun related discussion boards - usually a cut and paste of their original post. I know I belong to about 10 firearms discussion boards and have seen this happen more often then not...

So let's see - Colt does have problems with the frame to slide fit; Taurus has problems with the ambi safety; Kimber's that look good on the outside but terribly finished on the inside; complaints about customer service abound.

Is it really as bad as claimed? Gun makers are like any other manufacturer - when they introduce a new product, no matter how much R&D and testing they do there are going to be problems. How they respond to them (i.e. Customer Service) is the question; as one example it seems that Colt is now beginning to realize that they have an issue with the CNC machine settings that are causing the slide/frame issues.

Customer service in all areas of consumer affairs has been slipping; if you check successful companies, with repeat customers who have a high satisfaction rate you will probably find a great customer service operation in play.
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