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Originally Posted by US1911 View Post


What really matters, is the question you should be asking yourself. Does the pistol for sale represent 100% of the options that a new SG would, if you were to special order one today? If the answer is yes, then perhaps the pistol for sale is indeed for you. If the answer is no, then why spend that much for an investment grade pistol, when you can spend a bit more and get exactly what you want.


I dont have a set list of options on a 1911. I wouldnt even know what to ask for, and I'm WAY too impatient to order a gun or have one built...Im an instant gratification kinda guy.

I do, however, appreciate a smokin deal...but after Grandpa did the math for me I realize this aint one. Im gonna hold out for either a better deal, or a pistol that truly speaks to my heart.

Thanks for the input, gentlemen. As always, much appreciated.
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