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Originally Posted by Flight Medic View Post
Good deal, or meh? Should I counteroffer? If so, what would be fair without being insulting?
Doesnít matter if itís new or used, if itís marked Wilson Combat, then itís covered. Doesnít matter if itís $5k or $7.5k, if you can afford one, you can afford the other. Doesnít matter if it has bullet proof or bb proof parts, Iíve seen no stats to support that a non-bullet proof SG will fail before a bullet proof one would.

What really matters, is the question you should be asking yourself. Does the pistol for sale represent 100% of the options that a new SG would, if you were to special order one today? If the answer is yes, then perhaps the pistol for sale is indeed for you. If the answer is no, then why spend that much for an investment grade pistol, when you can spend a bit more and get exactly what you want.

Spend a little less to scratch the itch of owning a SG, or spend a little more to not only scratch the itch, but to own a personal treasure?

If youíre uncertain as to all the options you may prefer, spend some quality time reviewing all the photos in the Wilson folder, ask a bunch of discovery questions, then consider speaking with a knowledgeable Dealer, such as Jerry @ Hammond Gun & Tackle, George @ MI Gunslingers or Terry @ PT Partners. Chances are that either of those folks would save you money, guide you in the right direction, intervene on your behalf to ensure your satisfaction, and create a buying experience that would leave you wanting for nothing.
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