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Originally Posted by chrysanthemum View Post
Just a footnote: Based on the thumb safety design, the Eagle emblem on slide, and other clues (including the paperwork and list price), I'd be pretty confident that all parts in this 1911 are BP.

As to SGs (specifically SGs; as non-SGs are a different story), my best recollection is that the upgrade to the "new" ambi-safety (and 100% BP parts) was made in about year 2010, possibly a few months earlier (in 2009). Base invoice price of Classic SG was well under $5,000 in those days!
Based on his invoice base price of $5195, I suspect it was ordered and made after that late 2009 to 2010 timeframe. When did the base price of the SG go to $5195? It was at least after that that it was ordered and sometime after that since it was made since in those days it was 36 or more months from order to delivery IIRC.
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