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A specific price point that exists within a range of reasonable asking prices often reflects the eagerness (or, conversely, the willingness to "hold out" for more) of the seller to complete the transaction.

From a buyer's side, that same price point offers a clue as to how long that gun (or other property such as real estate), is likely to remain available. If the buyer really -- really -- wants that item, it's probably best to waste little time....i.e., get it before the next person gets it, and consider it to be well worth the asking price.

But if a prospective buyer is not so committed to or totally desireous of a specific gun, and is willing to patiently search the market for possible better deals, then patience and/or plausible counter offers can often shave considerable dollars from the final cost.

I think the offer price here is within a fair range. It don't see it as being at an extreme end -- either end -- of a reasonable market asking price range. So I think your degree of interest in this specific gun might be the most important consideration. I don't think you're being taken advantage of if you buy at $5k; I think that's fair to both buyer and seller, something neither would later have deep regrets over (the price itself). But I also think that a buyer's patience might likely be rewarded -- eventually -- with similar quality at a lower cost.... conceivably later with the same seller/gun.

Sooner or later, a very motivated/eager seller, perhaps even an heir of an original owner, will likely emerge from somewhere.
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