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Originally Posted by CleB View Post
I wan to thank all of you for taking the time to help me out and share your experiences
with me. I went with the Wilson Combat CQB compact in 9mm. Decided to just rip the band aid off. I’ll post pics in the WC
sub forum. Thanks again.
I think you'll be very happy with your new CQB. I also have one that is chambered in 9MM / .38 Super, and it's a great pistol. I also have a WC ULCC chambered in .38 Super. Though I give the edge in accuracy to the ULCC, both of them are 100% dependable, and as accurate as I can be.
My love of the WC compacts is the ease of carry that they give you. They seem to simply vanish under whatever cover garment I decide to wear, which allows me to comfortably carry them each day, and everywhere I go.
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