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Originally Posted by jtq View Post
Figure out what mags you need and where you're going to find them.

If you're buying an STI (or whatever name they are going by these days) you can just buy their mags - pricey, but you know where to go and what you are getting.


If you're buying an RIA, they use different mags and I don't know a reliable source for those, other than perhaps RIA. I don't know if ParaOrd mags work in the RIA guns.
Just go to the Armscor website, they have everything you need, even 80% frames and build kits.


Hays Custom Guns recommends the Remington 1911 R1 40 S&W 18-Round Blued Steel Magazine #17802, however the one I bought needs to be reworked. Instead of locking into the magwel tightly, mine drops down about 1/8" and starts to FTF after 2 to 5 rounds fired. Pushing the mag up into place will usually chamber the round, so either the mag release or the hole in the mag needs a mod.

When I send mine in for the $350 race ready package I'll have them look at it because that Remington mag is really nice although it does extend past the magwel more.

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