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Originally Posted by Nitro.45 View Post
I still think the initial response was funny as hell!
I just went back in to see if I could find the listing. It was supposed to expire yesterday, but Dood relisted and still has Zero bids. The only thing that makes me not ride this guy is because he does list $1600 in extras. Still has a poly frame though. Maybe the guy is only half nuts, but he must have dumped a bee hive down his shorts about the time your message came through!![IMG class=inlineimg]https://forums.1911forum.com/images/smilies/biglaugh.gif[/IMG]
His assessment of $1600 in extras is well....an exaggeration. At once point, he had responded to me about the $450 holster setup it came with, but he didn’t have that mentioned at all in the listing. So my initial email to him questioning the listing was pretty dang legit. When I pointed that out, he called me more names and then updated the listing.

Who knows...all it takes is one buyer for anything and two people who want something to drive a price up.

Then there is the whole “should you list for a penny or put a high reserve” question on any item? Those that I know who sell many items on auctions will attest to the fact that penny auctions do much better over the long haul. People get caught up in the bidding and emotional and then over pay for things all the time. I think smaller sellers are worried that they will get “stuck”.
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